UglyDoll vol01
The long-running Uglydoll franchise, which was one of the pioneers of the whole “designer toy” category, are finally getting their own graphic novel line, which will be published by Viz as part of the Viz Kids imprint. The line will launch in summer 2013.

Viz has been having success with their original graphic novel line which includes the Mameshiba comics, and this fits right in with previous Viz Kids releases.

The stories will feature such popular characters as Wage, Babo, OX, Ice-Bat and so on. We’re told they will “express themselves through laughs, tears, love and adventure” so it will basically be like a New York Jets game.

The Uglydolls debuted in 2001 with a hand-sewn plush toy called Wage. The line was created by David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim and went on to win several Best Toy Awards; lifesize Uglydoll characters are a fixture at big comics show around the nation.