ChuckWarner’ is teaming with UFC light-heavyweight champ Chuck Liddell to promote 300:

Kicking off the promotion, Warner Bros. will be sponsoring Liddell in his next Ultimate Fight in Las Vegas on December 30, 2006. In addition, Liddell will be making personal appearances and will lend his name and likeness to a variety of other promotions that will be taking place across the country in the months leading up to the film’s release.


  1. Might be a bad bet if either Tito Ortiz or his next opponent (Quinton “Rampage Jackson, possibly) knocks him out in the meantime — a result I am most looking forward to. :-)

  2. I don’t think it’s a bad bet. Out of all UFC fighters he’s the guy to get. Even if Chuck gets beaten, he’s still one of – if not *the* most popular fighter in UFC and folks will want to see him in a rematch.

  3. Jokes aside Brock wasnt near 100% if he had been dealing with this for over a year. Fully healed and rested with time to train. Id hate to be his next opponent. You know damn well he will come into that fight looking to make a statement that he is back and at 100%.