§ Rafael Kayanan thinks the Silver Surfger would look better without eyeballs.

§ Jimm Rugg talks about PLAIN JANES, the lead title in the MINX line:

“Obviously, I found the story captivating or I wouldn’t have considered drawing it. I find Cecil’s characterizations refreshing, articulate, and thorough. And the story was unusual compared to my idea of young adult material. I pictured ‘Mean Girls,’ and the story isn’t like ‘Mean Girls’ at all. The antagonists aren’t evil or bad. Conflict doesn’t lead to some big showdown. There aren’t any easy answers to the problems the girls encounter. After reading Cecil’s books and the ‘Plain Janes’ proposal, it was clear to me that working with her would be creatively rewarding.”

§ What they are saying about Corto Maltese in Japanese.

§Yoshitaka Amano is interviewed at the Dark Horse site:

DH: You were at the 2006 San Diego Comic-Con for the first time-what did you think of that experience?

Amano: First, I was surprised by the scale of it! So many exhibitors and products! I had fun looking at original works of my favorite characters and artists (I’m a big fan of Batman and Neil Adams). Also, I saw the artists I admire and was able to get their books autographed! So, even though I was invited as one of the guests, I felt that I was able to attend and experience SDCC as a fan like almost everyone else!

[Link via MangaBlog]

200612291107§ Also from MangaBlog and elsewhere, a brief primer on “nouvelle manga” from ICv2:

Some of the chief creators associated with the movement include Jiro Taniguchi (The Walking Man, The Times of Botchan), Frederic Boilet (Yukiko’s Spinach, Mariko Parade), Kan Takahama (Monokuro Kinderbook), Kazuichi Hanawa (Doing Time), Kiriko Nananan (Blue, Sweet Cream and Red Strawberries), and Hideji Oda (A Patch of Dreams). Sweet Cream and Red Strawberries is available from Central Park Media, while all the other titles mentioned above are available from Fanfare/Ponent Mon.

§Local news alert: “Comic fans, artists rub elbows”, chafing ensues.

Chris Miles, 11, of Geneva, and his twin brother, Evan, have invented their own comic book characters.

Chris has invented such characters as Star Nova Jet Raider and Grand Assault Droid.

“I don’t read comic books too much, but I like making my own,” Chris said.

Evan also likes to draw.

“I get inspired by Chris and video games,” Evan said. “We just draw for the heck of it.”


  1. I said the same thing about pupils on Silver Surfer when you posted the first pic of him. Of course, I was mostly joking.