Robert Tonner is a high end specialty doll maker, whose made collectible figures for Harry Potter and other familiar figures. He’s just turned his skills to the DC Stars Collection:

Robert Tonner has long been a fan of the power and might of Super Heroes; each with its own fascinating story of heroic powers and secret identities. Introducing the debut Tonner Character Figures™ (TCF™) collection based on classic superheroes appearing in DC COMICS. The DC STARS Collection, by award-winning designer, Robert Tonner, bursts onto the scene with WONDER WOMAN and SUPERGIRL. Tonner Character Figures™ are approximately 16” tall with multiple points of articulation for the most powerful poses; each also has separately available wardrobes from origins to secret identities. Look for more TCF™ products for the DC STARS Collection in 2007!

The dolls retails for between $69.99 and $189.99. Check out the link for Wonder Woman’s crazy polka dot “career” outfit, and Supergirls loungey silver threads, the very latest in Kryptonian Kasual.


  1. I lvoe Tonner dolls, they are absolutely gorgeous, and the Supergirl and Wonder Woman are no exception, but dadgum they are expensive.
    The “Believe in the power of PLAY” banner on the website cracks me up. At $150.+ just for a doll, WHO is playing with these?

    Well, okay, someone is:

    And a warning for the faint of heart: the “bios” of the Tonner original character dolls are…something else. They make the purplest Stan Lee invention seem staid and dry.
    Barbie doesn’t have everything–the Tonner girls do.