After the first season of Tuca & Bertie was released on Netflix in May 2019, hearts were broken when it was announced that the streaming service would not be renewing the freshman animated series for a second season. However, it’s time to start learning to love again, because Adult Swim has picked the series up for a second season.

Tuca & Bertie was created by Lisa Hanawalt, whose resume includes the Netflix series Bojack Horseman (on which she served as a supervising producer) or through her books for D&Q, Hot Dog Taste Test and My Dumb Dirty Eyes. Hanawalt announced the return of the series via Twitter:

The series stars Tiffany Haddish as Tuca the tucan and Ali Wong as Bertie the songbird, along with Steven Yeun as Speckle, Bertie’s robin boyfriend.

In addition to Hanawalt, the series’ executive producers include Raphael Bob-Waksberg, Noel Bright, Stephen A. Cohen, Haddish, and Wong.

When it was announced in July 2019 that the series would not be renewed for a second season, Hanawalt expressed her feelings on Twitter, where she said that she was hopeful that Tuca & Bertie would get the chance to find a new home:

Today, nearly a year after the cancellation was announced, Tuca & Bertie have finally found their new home at Adult Swim, which airs during the evenings on Cartoon Network.

This isn’t the first time that Adult Swim has taken an otherwise-cancelled show under its wing. After Futurama was ended after four seasons on Fox, it was revived on Adult Swim from 2003 through 2007. However, in that instance, Adult Swim only aired reruns of the 72 episodes that had previously been produced, whereas new episodes of Tuca & Bertie are being made to join the 10 previously aired episodes.