Tripwire Annual Duncan Stage 4-1Back in the 90s, Brit comics feature magazine TRIPWIRE was one of the better sources of comics features and news. Of course, the internet has made all paper-based journalism a dicey proposition, but editor Joel Meadows is brining TRIPWIRE back as a full-color annual. According to the PR:

Between 1992 and 2003 TRIPWIRE was the UK’s premiere comics features magazine, covering graphic storytelling and related fields in detail. Now TRIPWIRE is back, this time in full color book format, published annually each July to coincide with the San Diego Comic Con.

TRIPWIRE ANNUAL will reflect both industry and artform in the same incisive, intelligent and unique manner that the magazine did for over a decade.

The first annual has an impressive and diverse line-up: Guillermo Del Toro and Mike Mignola talk about Hellboy 2; Frank Miller discusses 300 – the movie, Sin City 2 and his unique interpretation of Will Eisner’s classic The Spirit on the screen in 2008; Jeph Loeb and Bryan Fuller spill the beans on The SciFi Channel’s hit superhero TV series Heroes; and, in the year that Homer and family reach the big screen, the annual will examine how The Simpsons have sustained their massive appeal for nearly two decades.

We pass a critical eye over events in the comics industry over the past year and offer some predictions for the next, Alan Moore discusses Lost Girls, and his new novel and we’ll be celebrating Judge Dredd’s 30th anniversary.

Graced with a brand new Hellboy cover by Duncan Fegredo, TRIPWIRE ANNUAL 2007 will be distributed to bookstores in and the direct market in the UK and US. Cover price £9.95/ $14.95 US, 128 pages full colour, shipping in August.