Canadian webcomics crew Transmission-X is now live, with a very strong line-up:

As of MoCCA Transmission X has gone live! Enjoy new comics every week with Ragni on Mondays and Karl Kerschl’s The Abominable Charles Christopher on Wednesdays, followed by Andy B’s Raising Hell on Fridays, along with Scott Hepburn’s The Port and Cameron Stewart’s Sin Titulo Rounding out the weekend on Saturdays and Sundays respectively.

Kukuburi and Kissing Chaos will premiere the following month at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, where all the creators from Transmission X along with a few of their friends will be holding a gallery show showcasing original artwork from their various projects.

A few samples to whet your appetite of respective RAGNI, SIN TITULO and THE ABOMINABLE CHARLES CHRISTOPHER.





  1. I saw some of Cam Stewart’s art for this at MoCCA, and he’s consciously going for a Dave Mazzuchelli in City of Glass look, though I also surprised him by seeing a skosh of Marc Hempel in his art, too. (It’s all about the expressive, kinetic ink lines; Chris Chua has that down, too.)

    Is there a rule that webcomic collectives have to have an isolated by hypen letter in their names? By that logic, we should have Dumbrell-A and The Chemistr-E Set.