§ Alex De Campi and Brian Wood discuss the process of pitching to Vertigo. Almost as funny is the hazing Johnny Bacardi gets from forum regulars afterwards. [Link via everyone, it seems.]

§ Kyle Baker comments on Independence Day

§ Speaking of Vertigo, at his blog, Douglas Rushkoff confirms that TESTAMENT has been cancelled:

Testament, my comic series, will be coming to a close early next year. And I’ve put the next series on hold to focus on my family and my next big book on corporatism.

§ Via Craig Yoe, apparently this fellow is putting out a deluxe oversized edition of Winsor McKay’s DREAMS OF A RAREBIT FIEND.


  1. Alex De Campi champions herself as a voice of the people, and constantly says how she wants to move into movies? Well perhaps she should, because all I ever hear about her is that she’s pissed off this editor or that publisher.

    She has an attitude and a mouth that writes checks that her talent woefully can’t cash.

    We don’t CARE that you got bumped by Vertigo, Alex. We care that you mock an industry so many of us want to get into.

    Do you KNOW how many of us would kill to be able to sit in front of a Vertigo Editor? To be offered an opportunity to write a pitch as you were?

    Well done for turning it down. If it was anything like your recent work it would have started well and then sailed downhill as once more you got bored and started playing with your camera instead.

    Smoke #1 and half of #2 was good, btw.

    I’m making no comments on Vertigo or Ms Bond – they’re just doing what they’ve done for years. For someone who claims to be so ‘streetwise’ – you’re remarkably naive. Or just a sore loser. I’d love to hear Ms Bond’s side to this fiasco. Well done to Brian Wood for being the voice of reason.

    D-List creator in ‘pissed at editor for not treating her special’ shocker. This news is old.