14Animeexpo2007Anime Expo was this weekend, with some 35,000 fans converging on Long Beach — down from last year but still a lot of cosplay. We don’t have time to read all the news and so on, but here’s a BUNCH of links — let’s meet back here tomorrow and catch up, okay?

§ ComiPress has ALL THE LINKS. Get a cup of coffee, sit down and GO!

§ Manganews has links and some headlines for a digest version:

§ Brigid runs down the major manga news here and here. Didn’t look to be anything heart stopping to this non-otaku’s eyes, although CMX is launching actual a new format for its latest M-rated titles, starting with PRESENTS by Kanoko Inuko and VARIANTE by Iquara Sugimoto. Many other new books from DrMaster, Go Comi, etc etc.

Picture above ganked from Japanator, randomly chosen out of what are probably scores of cosplay picture galleries going up as we speak.


  1. Well, I actually surfed through the majority of the costume photos.
    As always, the anime fans have the best costumes and some serious dedication.

    Thanks for the links. I really need to get to AnimeExpo one day. It’s a 6 hour drive with the wind at my back.

  2. I feel out of the loop because I don’t recognize what anime/manga they’re cosplaying. A little too yaoi for Kingdom Hearts, and probably more mainstream than Strange Candy web comic… Anyone know off the top of their head?

  3. It’s Kingdom Hearts. They were messing around and wanted to show their support of yaoi and do some fanservice for everyone. It was pretty funny. After that, my friend was like, “We should go find L and Light and be like, ‘Hey can you guys start making out and stuff while we’re taking pictures?'” It was hilarious