Once again, Hasbro went all out with an off-site event showcasing its upcoming Marvel action figures and toys. Let me skip straight to the product you want to know about immediately. Yes, the Marvel Legends Replica of the Infinity Gauntlet is a sight to behold. Complete with light-up Infinity Stones with individual sounds that are apparently taken directly from the Avengers: Infinity War movie, Hasbro’s Gauntlet let’s you articulate each digit to clench it into a fist (or even flip the bird if you’re feeling particularly cheeky).


Hitting stores this Spring with a retail price of $99.99 you’ll feel like you can remake the whole universe!


Those who were hoping to see some Avengers: Infinity War toy reveals and images, unfortunately Hasbro decided to keep those under wraps for the time being. I was personally curious to see if there would be a prominent amount of not only Black Widow toys but the other female characters after the controversy with the Age of Ultron product tie-ins and the noticeable dearth of Black Widow toys compared to those of her male teammates. As I noted at last year’s Toy Fair, the trend of action figures based on female characters doesn’t appear to be halting anytime soon, especially by Hasbro, and with the Captain Marvel film on the horizon I expect it to continue.

Ant-Man and Black Panther

Fans of Nick Spencer’s Astonishing Ant-Man run will get a kick out of the upcoming 2-pack featuring Scott Lang and his daughter Cassie in her current superhero persona and costume, Stinger.

Erik Killmonger, hands down one of the best villains in the MCU played indelibly by Michael B. Jordan, will be getting another figures as part of a 2-pack with Martin Freeman’s Everett K. Ross, in full costume but unmasked.

Astonishing Ant-Man Ant-Man/Stinger Two Pack (Toys R Us Exclusive)
Ant-Man and Stinger


Ant-Man & The Wasp Marvel Legends Ant-Man.


Ant-Man & The Wasp Marvel Legends Wasp


Marvel Legends Everett Ross & Killmonger Two-Pack (Target Exclusive)



No surprise Marvel will be putting out Deadpool merch in time for the sequel in the summer. The Build-a-Figure wave is everyone’s favorite energy vampire pteranodon, Sauron!

Deadpool Marvel Legends W2 – Bishop


Deadpool Marvel Legends W2 – Deadpool boxers


Deadpool 6 Inch Legends W2 – Deadpool X-Men


Deadpool Marvel Legends W2 – Lady Deadpool


Deadpool Marvel Legends W2 – Omega Red


Deadpool 6 Inch Legends W2 – Sauron (BAF)
Deadpool 12-inch X-Force
Deadpool 12-inch X-Force


NERF Rival Apollo Deadpool Blaster

Marvel Legends Riders




Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years

Hard to believe that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is 10 years old. To celebrate, Hasbro is releasing a line devoted to Marvel Studios. Bonus, the packaging of the boxes come together to form a most excellent image.

Avengers: Iron Man MK VII
Captain America: Civil War: Captain America and Crossbones Two-Pack
Avengers: Age of Ultron: Hulkbuster and Hulk Two-Pack
Guardians of the Galaxy Ronan
Iron Man: Tony Stark and Iron Man MK I Two-Pack
Iron Man 3: War Machine “Hot Rod”, Pepper Potts, and Trevor Slattery/The Mandarin Three-Pack.

Spider-Man Marvel Legends

A new version of Scarlet Spider, this time with stingers. You can’t tell from the official image of the Cloak & Dagger figures but the cloak part of the Cloak action figure can separate so you can pose Dagger to look like she’s coming out of it like in the comics. The BAF is Peni Parker a.k.a. SP//dr from the Gerard Way and Jake Wyatt Edge of Spider-Verse  comic. The character may have been overshadowed by the unexpected popularity of Spider-Gwen, but it’s a great story by Way that’s worth checking out.

Spider-Man Marvel Legends All-New, All-Different Daredevil


Spider-Man Marvel Legends Scarlet Spider


Spider-Man Marvel Legends Elektra


Spider-Man Marvel Legends Doc Ock


Spider-Man Marvel Legends Cloak & Dagger


Spider-Man Marvel Legends House of M Spider-Man


SP//dr Build-a-Figure



 Venom Marvel Legends

Like Deadpool, there’s a Venom movie coming out in the fall, so only makes sense to make sure there are symbiote products. Whether or not the movie will be good is still up in the air.

Huge applause by the audience when Peter Porker/Spider-Ham was announced by Hasbro.

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Carnage



Spider-Man Marvel Legends Poison


Spider-Man Marvel Legends Scream


Spider-Man Marvel Legends Peter Porker, a.k.a. Spider-Ham


Venom Marvel Legends Venom




Marvel Legends Thanos (Wal-Mart Exclusive)


Marvel Legends Silver Surfer (Walgreens Exclusive)


Marvel Legends The Thing (Walgreens Exclusive)
X-Men Marvel Legends Magneto


X-Men Marvel Legends Sabretooth


Below are other various photos from the show floor. I’m assuming the Spidey toys are related to the current animated show. If if that’s the case, this may hint at the design of the Green Goblin in the second season. Anya Corazon is sporting a costume I’m not familiar with. Between her appearance in the animated series and toys, I’m curious if Anya is a character to watch out for again in the comics.

As a fan of Dan Slott’s Spidey run, always puts a smile to see the new characters he created in toy form, in this case Mr. Negative and Spider-Punk.