Toy Fair 2014 Part 1: Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, My Little Pony in a mustache and Play-Doh heat up Hasbro

Yep, Toy Fair is here again and The Beat trekked over icy veldts to bring  our reads only the VERY FINEST artsy iPhone photos of all the cool stuff. NO LIe. I managed to take like 600 photos in two days…what was I thinking?   But I guarantee I got some news NO OTHER toy outlet did! So plunge on!

The first stop was Hasbro, where we were given a fairly brisk 1 hour presentation on new toys, then allowed into the show room to take photos and quiz Hasbro execs. This was much better than in past years where we sometimes had to squirm in our seats for two hours. However, there was even more toy press than ever before, meaning I couldn’t always get close to the toys! However I found many places no one wanted to go, and was able to get you total scoop!

For Hasbro’s Marvel line, it’s Guardians of the Galaxy all the time! I seriously think you will be sick of Groot by the time his is over. You can see the branding for the line above—all five Guardians front and center. This is, as Avi Arad would have agreed, EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY toyetic.


BUT First, back at the ranch, Hasbro is releasing its regular line of Marvel Legends action figures to tie more in with the MOVIE universe. Hence this Avengers line.



The Black Widow comes with two heads to she can have tousled hair day, and I used my flat iron hair day. Don’t know what she uses her hands for.


There are several Captain America playsets including a shield-thing that shoots darts and reloads with a snapping sound. But no one was really interested in Captain America 2. It was all GUARDIANS.


Here is part of the Rocket Raccoon playset with disturbing mask and weapons.


Starlord is extremely steampunk-y and his playset has a mask and a gun which fires two missiles at once.


Rocket standee. Is America going to embrace a violent, alien raccoon?


While the Legends line will include five Guardians figures, it will be rounded off by Outer Space Iron Man and Nova. More Marvel space heroes, you see? Toyetic.


Gamora, Starlord and Groot.


Drax and Rocket.


A better shot of Groot.


More branding. ROCKET RACCOON. Remember that name.



GotG also comes with vehicle playsets, including the Milano, a delicious kind of cookie, Starlord’s space ship, and Rocket’s Warbird. These playsets revealed Ronan and Korath from the movie, and if you squint maybe you can see their toys below.



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