It’s been a long and winding road on the relationship between writer Tony Isabella and DC Comics. Back in the 70s Isabella created Black LIghtning, along with artist Trevor Von Eeden, the first African-American character to have his own title at DC.  Then many things went pear shaped, and Isabella stood by his claim that he had not created the character as work for hire, but rather as a partnership, and next thing you know there’s a new character named Black Vulcan with similar powers on Super Friends, the unbearable 70s cartoon.

Isabella has been pretty vocal about his problems with DC and the dispute over Black Lightning over the years, but the Johns/DiDio regime made peace with him, allowing Black Lightning comics to be reprinted and there’s even a Black Lightning TV show in development, with Cress Williams cast as the hero.

And now Isabella himself is returning to DC Comics, as he blogged earlier today.  

DC Comics/Entertainment has authorized me to release this statement on the company’s behalf and my own:

DC Comics/Entertainment and Black Lightning creator Tony Isabella have reached a mutually-beneficial agreement on Tony’s past and future contributions to the company. DC is pleased it will again have access to Tony’s talents and insights. Tony is thrilled to be once again associated with one of the top entertainment powerhouses of our era. This is good news all around.

With my numerous March professional and personal commitments now completed, and the publication of the above statement, I can return to full-scale blogging. Thanks for your patience during my hiatus.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more stuff.

It’s a nice turn around, a nice vindication for Isabella, and proof that old feuds can be settled with gains for BOTh sides.

Tune in tomorrow with more details, but with the Black LIghtning TV show in the works, might this have to do with NEW Black Lightning comics? Wait and see.


  1. If only trolls knew how much they amuse me. I mean, really, I’ve survived 45 years in the comics industry and real-world shit that would make these cowards shit their pants. Do they really think their comments can get to me? Especially coming from posters too frightened to use their real names? Especially coming at a time when I am having a great couple years and, this month, was busier than I’ve been in a decade? Nope. I share their comments with my family and friends with glee. We even do dramatic readings of them. They are fun for the whole family.

  2. I am deeply offended by this article’s bias. Super Friends was *not* an “unbearable 70s cartoon.” I come here for news, not an anti-Super Friends agenda.

    Tony, congratulations. Also, your response made my day.

  3. Tony Isabella has always turned me off with his insufferable passive-aggressive whining and advertising about everything that has ever offended him, from Jim Shooter to how other people write but it’s his prerogative so you can’t begrudge him that as LOTS of people in comics are whiny and delusional about their contributions. I think extending talks about a truly horrible Ghost Rider storyline (of all things) for decades is mostly what I remember him for. Black Lightning isn’t that much of a contribution I’m sorry to say, and Trevor got the short end of the stick since Tony has no design/drawing skills to speak of- but always grasped onto this one credit. I think DC realized it meant more to Tony Isabella than to them, so they gave it to him. That being said, I do applaud ongoing gestures to be fairer to creators from the 70s’ even though it’s largely an extended PR move. I also think it’s ridiculous that Tony Isabella creeps on comments on articles about him so he can rebuke and spend a lot of energy letting people know how great he has it. Just ignore people who aren’t fans of you, Tony!

  4. Tony has always been great at writing a story where a super-hero is a HERO, as well as playing fair with the history of characters and the world they inhabit. I’ll be very happy to buy more comics by him, and I wish that other companies would bring back some of their former creators to work on character. Older fans make up more of the fanbase now, and people like Tony, Gerry Conway and Starlin still have the chops.

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