Announced back in September of last year, the Greg Berlanti,Mara Brock Akil, and Salim Akil-produced Black Lightning has had a fairly quick development turnaround, short of one slight bump in the road that saw its pilot get dropped by FOX and instead picked up by the haven for Berlanti-produced comic book television at The CW.

Now the series has its first star, as CW-vet Cress Williams, who played a major role on the 2011-2015 series Hart of Dixie, returns to the network to play Jefferson Pierce described for the pilot by TVLine:

Williams’ character, a retired superhero named Jefferson Pierce, finds himself back in vigilante mode thanks to his justice-seeking daughter and the threat of a “star student being recruited by a local gang.

So it looks like we’re looking at an older version of Black Lightning than the CW’s normal mode of casting their superhero leads in their early to mid 20’s. A good change of pace! This is something to look out for this Fall if I had to guess.


  1. For the record and please please please spread this to all the comics/entertainment news sites and reports you know.

    The official credit line for Black Lightning is:

    Black Lightning created by Tony Isabella with Trevor Von Eeden.

    I understand why folks get it wrong. It’s a seemingly minor change to the previous credit line. But it’s important to get it right.

    Oh, yeah, and news stories should at least mention myself and Trevor in their coverage. As much as I love them, the CW didn’t create Black Lightning.

    Thanks for your attention to this.

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