Eliot Ness is known as the crusading lawman who busted bootleggers during the Prohibition era. Tommy Gun Wizards, the Dark Horse miniseries by Christian Ward, Sami Kivelä, and Dee Cunniffe tells the story of Ness and his Untouchables, but with magic added to the mix. With the added element come new characters, new danger, and new twists on historical figures, including perhaps the biggest change of all: the conclusion of the first issue revealed that Ness himself is on The Lick, the magical drug he and his team are tasked with eradicating. Tommy Gun Wizards #2 dives into that, and illuminates the cost, both literal and figurative, of magic use — is Ness ready to pay that price?

Check out a preview, exclusive to The Beat, of Tommy Gun Wizards #2. Published by Dark Horse Comics, the second issue of the four-issue miniseries is due out digitally and in comic shops on Wednesday, September 25th.

Written by Christian Ward
Illustrated by Sami Kivelä
Colored by Christian Ward and Dee Cunniffe
Lettered by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Covers by Christian Ward and Tula Lotay

In their struggle to take down Al Capone and his bootleg-magic operation, Eliot Ness and his Untouchables must navigate corrupt church officials, mystically enhanced bruisers, and ruthless wizards with obscure intentions who pull the strings behind the scenes. But can Ness keep up without succumbing to his own dark side?

Cover A by Christian Ward
Cover B by Tula Lotay


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