Apparently Rick Remender and Tom Fowler are teaming up on Marvel’s VENOM comic…and it looks INSANE. More insanity in the link.

[Via iFanboy]


  1. PandaBandit — yes and no. Tony Moore did the first six issues of WALKING DEAD and was indeed the artist on VENOM. However, those WALKING DEAD issues came out in what, 2003? Charlie Adlard has been the regular artist on WD for ages. Moore did contribute WD covers for a while.

  2. This is fantastic stuff. I checked out the link to see more. I hope this artwork survives to the printed product. If it does, I’ll be buying it.

  3. Tony is still the regular artist on the book,but Tom is helping out.

    An embarrassment of riches…and all this on Venom fergodsakes.