Return with us to the simpler times of 2006. Miley Cyrus was an innocent young girl, everyone was racing to theaters to see Pirates of the Caribbean, and people wondere dif soccer would ever catch on in the US was the World cup was held in Germany. And the Hulk went to a faraway planet where he became a S&S hero, in Planet Hulk an event written by Greg Pak with art mostly by Carlo Pagulayan and Aaron Lopresti. In this throwback covers by Mukesh Singh, we see a PLANET of Hulks, some with handlebar moustaches, and Jack Kirby’s  Devil Dinosaur and Captain America all in a big pile.

What could it all mean?

Best guessed going around the internet are that this is some kind of tie-in to Secret Wars which is going to pit not goodbuys against bad guys, but reality against reality which is a much more meta, post modern way to approach Secret Wars. IF that’s what this is all about.

More to come, we’re sure.



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