Christmas is being held on December 25th this year, so you’ve only got a few weeks left to find something decent to give your family and friends. But never tremble with frostbitten fear! Because there are still places you can go, events you can take part in, and presents you can get for your demanding little sister. But… only if you’re British. Sorry, everywhere else in the World!

Today see the Leeds Alternative Comics Fair take place for the 5th consecutive year, promising a great lineup of small press and self-published creators and makers such as Kristyna Baczynski, Adam Cadwell, Gareth Brookes and organisers Steve Tillotson and Hugh Raine. Held at Nation of Shopkeepers in Leeds (which is a BAR), it’s a great, fun event, and will be running today. Oh! You’d better run!

We also see Newcastle’s Canny Comic Con kick off today, with guests including Bryan and Mary Talbot, Gary Erskine, Al Ewing and those Art Hero boys everybody’s talking about nowadays. Another festive tradition in Britain, the CCC is another brilliant way to find some last-minute (you still have several weeks, but I like to instil fear in an audience) presents for people.

Oh, but again – that’s happening today. You’d better run! Again!