The CBLDF and Bill Kartalopoulos present yet another cool comics related thing in NYC — a series of three talks to be held Saturday afternoons at Union Pool in Williamsburg:

a summer speaker series, Saturday afternoons at Union Pool, moderated
by Bill Kartalopoulos.

June 27 @ 2:00 pm
Autobiography: My Life in Comics
David Heatley (My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down, Kramers Ergot), Lauren Weinstein (Girl Stories, The Goddess of War) and Julia Wertz (Fart Party, I Saw You) will discuss the process, pleasures, and problems of making comics based on their own personal lives and observations.

July 11 @ 2:00 pm
Telling Stories: Fiction in Comics
Jessica Abel (Artbabe, La Perdida), Jason Little (Shutterbug Follies)
and Matthew Thurber (1-800-Mice, Kramers Ergot) will talk about the nature of narrative and fiction in comics. We’ll consider forms of storytelling that comics can adapt, and others that comics can generate.

August 15 @ 2:00 pm
Lines on Paper: Drawing and Cartooning
Austin English (Windy Corner, Christina and Charles), Lisa Hanawalt (Stay Away From Other People, I Want You), and Dash Shaw (Bottomless Belly Button, Bodyworld) will discuss the relationship between image-making and drawing for comics. How do pictures work differently in comics than they do on gallery walls?

Suggested donation for each event is $5. All proceeds go to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.