IDW has just released more details on the previously announced TMNT board games, Change is Constant and City Fall. The Kickstarter campaign for these games began in January and, it’s safe to say, is fully funded. Backers have quadrupled its original goal, currently sitting at just over $800,000.

Both games will bring 1-5 players together for a battle through the city. Change is Constant relies on scenarios that brings the Turtles together with their friends. Playable characters include all four turtles, Casey Jones or Baxter and his robot fleet. Players can work through 12 different scenarios in cooperative or competitive modes, using a whopping 59 miniatures.

City Fall, meanwhile features a different perspective. In this game’s story, Shredder has brainwashed Leo – he goes by Dark Leo now, thank you very much – and lets players choose to play as the evil samurai himself, Dark Leo or one of the game’s five new heroes. This TMNT board game features another 12 scenarios, along with 40 miniatures and possibility for cooperative play.

For fans of the game’s predecessor, Shadows of the Past, this should be a welcome addition. Not only are all three TMNT board games compatible with each other, this is also the first time players will be able to all play together rather than against each other. The cooperative mode sets up an AI that controls villains all on its own – so if everyone wants to be on the Turtle squad, for the first time, they can.

City Fall and Change is Constant are both up for pre-order, even if you didn’t back the Kickstarter before it was funded. Both are rated for players 14 years and older, and will be available this fall for $124.99 each.

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