Last month TKO Studios announced their third wave of titles. The three miniseries in the wave was down from the four books of each previous wave, but fear not, as the publisher appears have something else up their sleeve. This morning the website for TKO Studios was updated to include a trio of short, self-contained, limited edition comics. Available for preorder now, all three of the books in the TKO Knockout Shorts line are expected to ship alongside the other wave 3 titles on November 9th, 2020, and will be printed in an 8.5 inch by 5.5 inch zine format.

TKO Shorts

The first of the TKO Shorts is Short 001: Seeds of Eden. This TKO short features a creative team comprised of Liana Kangas & Joe CoralloPaul Azaceta, and Jeff Powell, and the story follows a space pioneer who faces unexpected challenges as she attempts to build a self-sustaining Jupiter colony.

TKO Shorts

The next is Short 002: The Father of All Things. Set in 1914 during the Great War, 14-year-old Georg finds supernatural horror waiting for him in the trenches. From the creative team of Sebastian GirnerBaldemar Rivas, and Steve Wands.

TKO Shorts

And the third TKO Short is Short 003: Night Train. From the creative team of Steve FoxeLisandro Estherren, Patricio Delpeche, and Wands, this story sees Neal contemplating an offer from a ghostly train conductor to take his annoying baby brother away for good.

Each of the three TKO Shorts is available for just $2.99, and being a self-contained short, each book presumably aims to deliver the much vaunted “satisfying chunk” that readers demand from their sequential storytelling.

TKO Shorts
Blood Like Garnets by Leigh Harlen and illustrated by Maria Nguyen

If you are looking for some horrific prose, TKO Studios has you covered on that front, too, thanks to the Blood like Garnets collection. This 160-page horror anthology is written by Leigh Harlen and illustrated by Maria Nguyen.

The TKO Shorts are just the latest development for the publisher, which also has plenty of Steve-related media in the offing, as well as an impending big-screen adaptation of The Banks (which will even feature a screenplay written by Roxane Gay, who wrote the comic on which the movie will be based).

You can head over to each book’s respective preorder page to get a glimpse at interior art for the titles. Each book is available for preorder now, with an expected shipping date of November 9th.


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