If you’re here reading this article (especially before noon), we suspect there’s a good chance that you’re powered by the two things that keep us going here at Stately Beat Manor: comics and coffee. Now, thanks to Heavy Metal Coffee, you can get both your fixes from the very same source!

The beans are coming from Dark Matter Coffee, based out of Chicago, Illinois, and you can decide whether you’d prefer to purchase the coffee separately, or buy it as part of a subscription model that includes merch, magazines, comics, and coffee in a single monthly shipment (really – what else do you need). You can learn more details and subscribe to the service on Heavy Metal’s website.

Dark Matter Coffee is no stranger to coffees that scratches your nerd itch while sating your caffeine addiction! All of their coffees feature arresting artwork on the packaging, and they frequently boast names like “Unicorn Blood” and “Machete.” Plus, earlier this year, they even released coffee that tied-in with The Living Dead, the ultimate zombie novel by George A. Romero and Daniel Kraus.

Dark Matter Coffee’s Minister of Propaganda Kyle Hodges promises that subscribers can expected high-concept art and coffee.

The coffee’s packaging will be decorated with a collage of artwork that aims to both pays respect to Heavy Metal’s legacy while incorporating some of the publisher’s new and upcoming offerings, including Dylan Sprouse’s Sun Eater

The coffee is just the latest development for the publisher, which has enjoyed a very busy year. In May 2020, Heavy Metal announced the launch of Heavy Metal’s website, an imprint that was designed with the unique circumstances of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in mind.

More recently, the publisher announced that they would be expanding the podcasts they offered, part of an arrangement with DIGA Sounds.

And just last week, Heavy Metal announced the impending launch of Magma Comix, a new creator-owned imprint.

Are you planning on brewing a pot full of Heavy Metal Coffee? Let us know if you take it with cream and sugar in the comment section!

Heavy Metal Entertainment and Dark Matter Coffee announce HEAVY METAL COFFEE.


The partnership between the premium coffee retailer and the venerable sci-fi, fantasy and horror magazine will energize the entertainment brand’s fans.


Los Angeles, CA– Heavy Metal’s dedicated, longtime fans will now have a new way to help stay awake, alert and focused on reading more comics, now that the magazine and Dark Matter Coffee have collaborated to produce HEAVY METAL COFFEE.


The Chicago, IL-based Dark Matter adheres to a philosophy where quality coffees are sourced based upon traceability, innovation and social responsibility, enforcing a level of quality control not unlike the magazine, which is dedicated to delivering premium genre content from legendary creators and emerging talent. Heavy Metal fans will be able to purchase the coffee by itself, or as part of a premium subscription model through the publisher that offers a combination of coffee, magazines, comics and merchandise in a monthly shipment at an efficient price.


“I can’t call this a match made in heaven, as Heavy Metal lives in the darkest of realms, but I will call this an exciting, ideal partnership,” raves Heavy Meta l CEO Matthew Medney. “We’re thrilled to offer this exceptional coffee to our fans and hope it enables a lot of extra late night reading time.”


Kyle Hodges, Minister of Propaganda for Dark Matter Coffee, adds, “We are stoked to team up with Heavy Metal for their new coffee subscription series. We have been fans of their artwork since we were kids and are excited to continue to push the boundaries of both coffee and artwork to new generations. Expect each subscription to have both high concept coffee and art!”


The artwork in question is a collage of Heavy Metal iconography past and present,

featuring the long-running TAARNA and NELSON characters, along with images from more contemporary offerings from the publisher like Dylan Sprouse’s Sun Eater, Matthew Medney’s Dark Wing, Brendan Columbus’ Savage Circus and Bart & Michelle Sears’ Maiden . Each quarter for the first year, Heavy Metal and Dark Matter will update the art, appealing to collectors and completists who have supported the magazine for years.


Heavy Metal Coffee is available at the publisher’s online shop now for preordering, and starting to ship for the holidays . The monthly subscription is $25 dollars a bag, including shipping or you can buy it ala carte for $25 plus shipping. The product will be available on HeavyMetal.com and DarkMatterCoffee.com

For information on that and Heavy Metal’ s new premium subscription plans, go to www.heavymetal.com.

About Heavy Metal :
First published in 1977, Heavy Metal, the world’s foremost illustrated fantasy magazine,

explores fantastic and surrealistic worlds, alternate realities, science-fiction, and horror in the present and future. Writers and illustrators from around the world take you to places you never dreamed existed. Heavy Metal was the first magazine to bring European legends, Moebius, Tanino Liberatore, Philippe Druillet, Enki Bilal, Pepe Moreno, and Philippe Caza to the U.S. as well as showcasing American superstars Richard Corben, Jim Steranko, and Bernie Wrightson. The magazine continues to showcase amazing new talent and allows established creators to have “carte blanche.” Heavy Metal magazine is now published monthly for the first time since 1985. Most issues feature one or two serialized graphic novels, several short stories, and two art galleries. Recent issues have featured Grant Morrison, Stephen King, Bart Sears, Tim Seeley, and Kevin Eastman. With new CEO Matt Medney and newly appointed Publisher and Chief Creative Overlord, David Erwin, at the helm, Heavy Metal promises to continue the legacy as the leader in cutting-edge science fiction, fantasy, and horror storytelling. For more information, please visit www.HeavyMetal.com

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyHeavyMetal On Twitter: @HeavyMetalInk

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heavymetal/

About Dark Matter Coffee:

In a world driven by technology and science, we are the gravitational resistance rooted in skill and philosophy. An innovative culinary family fueled by community and

Dark Matter Coffee® adheres to a philosophy where quality coffees are sourced based on traceability, innovation and social responsibility. Sustainability and fair business practices are very important to us. While aligning with organizations like Fair Trade Alliance, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ help to ensure fair practices, we have also created direct partnerships with farmers in El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, and Mexico. These partnerships have grown to become family, allowing us to directly source our beans from the plant to the cup.This sourcing transparency yields fair business practices and unparalleled quality control, a difference that can be tasted in every cup.