In the French speaking world, a character known as Titeuf is as well known as Bart Simpson or Dennis the Menace here. He’s a mischievous 8-year-old with a huge cowlick, created by the Swiss cartoonist Zep. Instantly recognizable in Europe, Titeuf is not as well known here — something about his adventures and humor not quite translating. But his 14 Editions Glénat albums have sold over 20 million copies worldwide—and his latest collection had a first printing of half a million copies, with a second printing alerted ordered. It’s the second biggest selling book in France after the new Millennium mystery.

As the growing refugee crisis in Europe has shocked people worldwide, Zep posted the following strip on his blog in Le Monde, France’s #1 newspaper. It was the first comic strip ever to appear on the front page and “WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD,” became a media phenomenon, with over 1.3 million views in just hours. The French government even posted it on their website.

Edition Glenat, Titeuf’s publisher, has released an English version of this 42 panel strip to help spread its message. As I said, imagine Charle Brown or Bart Simpson as the main character of this strip and you’ll see why at times comics are still able to send a message where prose can’t. And hope that wise people can find a way to stop all this senseless violence that destroys the most innocent.

Titeuf war and refugees 00001.jpg

Titeuf war and refugees 00002.jpg

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Titeuf war and refugees 00005.jpg


  1. If Titeuf is mostly read by kids and not that popular among french hard-fans of comics, it is very nice to see him used to try to change the awful and frightening growing cloud of hate, bigotry and racism that has been plaging our country in the last bunch of years.

  2. ‘it is very nice to see him used to try to change the awful and frightening growing cloud of hate, bigotry’

    Or the growing apprehension that ones culture and identity is disappearing along with jobs, housing, freedom of thought, security, things that never touch the rich liberal elite safely locked up in their penthouses and gated communities.

    Despite being a well paid engineer I am living in 1 room slum with no hope of ever living in anything better, all social housing going to immigrants and public housing rented out to multiple immigrant families and that is actual experience of where I live it’s not come from some fabricated newspaper stories. So yeah I do resent them.

  3. Omg… I loved this so much! I almost cried! IMMA DOWNLOAD THIS PART RIGHT NOW!! Does anyone know where I can read more comics of Titeuf in English? I would also ask where I can watch episodes.. but I guess we can’t find them in English, right?

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