PetCo has announced their line of Halloween pet costume, and for those who wish only to publicly humiliate their canine companions, there is an Ewok costume for dogs. Cats, of course, will have none of this, but they can go as a pumpkin or octopus if it pleases them. And that’s a BIG if. There’s also a Halloween Taco Dog Costume.



PetCo statistics reveal that about 50% of their respondents plan to force their pet to wear some kind of gewgaw for Halloween—an increase of 11%. 84% of the pets participating will be dogs. 68% of the respondents plan to purchase a special Halloween treat or toy for their four-legged friend, possibly including a pumpkin spice latte.

Here at Stately Beat Manor we like nothing more than dressing up and marching around…I guess if we had a pooch we’d consider a costume but we’re confirmed cat-o-philes for now. Can we still have scars from that lime we tried to put a sweater on little KeKe. But still, an Ewok? Couldn’t it be something more dignified like Nien Nunb?

PetCo has several Halloween themed activities planned, including a paw impression event on 10/10 and a Reptile Rally on 10/17 with a Most BOOtiful Reptile Costume Contest. Whatever gets you through the day.

Past PetCo pet costumes includes this Superhero costume. And there’s a mermaid costume for your cat. As long as you can prevent your kitty from eating its own tail. 




  1. At least they don’t make a Jar Jar Binks costume for dogs or cats. Now *that* would be humiliating!

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