Welcome back to another episode of Titans streaming from DC Universe! As we all know, a lot of drama went down last week that saw the entire team splitting and going their separate ways. Not to mention Dick having an absolute breakdown and basically going “Ah well. Might as well beat up some cops and go to prison, I guess.” Agh, but enough of that. Let’s get moving on this week with Titans season 2, episode 10 – “Fallen”.

BUT! If you’d like to go back and read me recapping Dick completely losing his damn mind, you can find that here, too. Trust me. There’s a special brand of schadenfreude to be found.

The episode opens with Dick being taken in at the prison, charged with pleading guilty to assaulting a federal officer. He gets the whole shebang; getting fingerprinted, photos taken, and being thrown into a interview room in handcuffs. But that doesn’t last for long, as he’s soon transferred o the Kane County Correctional Facility, where we find out that he’s been sentenced to a seven year sentence with no probation. Honestly, Dick actually looks pretty pleased about it.


We jump back to San Francisco where on the Golden Gate Bridge we catch a glimpse of Mercy Graves in the car with her partner and children. She’s trying her best to get her family on board with the idea of playing more board games together, but her kids are complete assholes and her partner is astoundingly dismissive. She gets a call just in time to break the tension, and it turns out to be Walter from Cadmus Labs. He informs her that they’ve caught another ping on the whereabouts of “Subject 13” within the city. Mercy seems to steel herself, and orders Walter to put a team together immediately before hanging up on him. She announces to her family that game night is cancelled, to which they respond by being silent, boring, and horrid.

Speaking of “Subject 13” though, the scene shifts to Conner and Krypto walking down an alleyway within the city. A newspaper truck rolls by and tosses a stack of papers on the ground. Conner takes a second to look at what the headline is, and finds that it’s plastered with his face. “Suspect Wanted In Attack on SFPD Officers. 4 Injured, 2 Critical”. He looks unhappy and concerned, and continues leading Krypto down the alley, where he tells him that it’s just not safe for him to be around Conner anymore. Krypto lets out a bunch of heartbreaking whines as Conner explains that when the police find him, it’s important that Krypto doesn’t get caught up in everything, too, because he didn’t do anything wrong. The trope lives on in the boy yelling and trying to get the dog he loves to leave for his own good, and Krypto runs off, looking back at Conner and whining.

Titans — Ep. 210 — “Fallen” — Photo Credit: Brendan Adam-Zwelling / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Dick, you’re already in prison. Be reasonable.

Kane County Correctional Facility seems to being treating Dick well so far as he really does look dashing in a navy blue jumpsuit. As he’s ushered into a room, one of the correctional officers recognizes his face and looks up his file. The same officer gives him all of his prison gear — blankets, shower shoes, etc — and leads him through the building, talking about how he wanted to be a detective just like Dick one day. He rambles on and on about how Dick was roped into a guilty plea, but Dick admits that he chose to plead guilty himself.

The officer shows him to his cell in the West Wing, where he assures Dick that the officers take care of their own here as long as Dick plans on being the eyes and ears of things that happen around the prison. Dick gentle, but sternly, shoots him down on that offer though, and tells him that he’s not in a business of helping people anymore. The officer doesn’t take that too well, and instead pushes Dick to lead him to a shared cell with some rough looking gentlemen — making his leave by announcing to the room that Dick is a detective. His cellmates continue to play Dominoes, and Dick climbs into the top bunk of a rack, staring at the ceiling with tension written all over his face.

Gar, trying his very best.

We finally get to see what has been happening with Gar! And let me tell you, he’s not taking it so well. In Titans Tower we find him watching the news, which is continually recapping all of the devastation that was caused by Conner. Gar basically breaks down and tries to call Dick’s cell phone again. He leaves him a message and tells him that even though he screwed up and that maybe Dick doesn’t want to talk to him, he really needs to call him back.

Just as he hangs up, however, there is a security alert message for the Tower. Gar pulls up the video from outside, but he doesn’t see anything. At least not until Krypto shows off that he is the very Best Boy and starts jumping up in front of the camera. Happy to see his little puppet face, Gar rushes to go let him in.

Meanwhile —  just as Gar was trying to get ahold of Dick — it seems that Donna is as well, as we see her walking down a street in a city as she leaves a message on his voicemail. She tells Dick that even though they aren’t exactly on friendly chatty terms, Rachel decided to go AWOL before they were able to get on their flight to Chicago. She begs for him to call and hangs up, but settles on her screen for a moment to look at all of the unanswered texts that she’s sent Rachel.

Elsewhere in the city, though, Rachel seems to be doing alright. She seems to have found a homeless shelter to stay in as we see her go through a food line and find a seat across from another teen. The person doesn’t exactly seem chuffed to see her, but Rachel stays anyway and begins to eat her meal.

Titans — Ep. 210 — “Fallen” — Photo Credit: Brendan Adam-Zwelling / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Lukewarm take: prison guards aren’t very nice.

Dick walks out of the prison walls to have some time in the Yard and watches as his cellmates are once again playing Dominoes on a picnic table. They keep looking towards where the guards are, and seem to be using the numbers on the dominoes as a discreet code between one another. Dick properly enters the yard where his suspicious cellies ask him if there’s a problem. Dick says no and that he’s just minding his own business, but the hackles are already up on the leader of the group, who tells Dick that he is too. The guard that lead Dick to his new home enters the scene and breaks up the conversation, saying that it breaks his heart to see a fight breaking out so early.

He leads Dick away and to another section of the yard where he tells him that the man used to be a member of MS-13, and that he’s sorry he had to throw him in with such a dangerous group, but he had to send Dick a message. He leaves it be and tells Dick that it’s time to get down to business, that they have no more hard feelings, and that soon he’ll get Dick “out of the jungle”. The officer begins to walk off, but Dick considers his state for a minute longer before telling him to leave him exactly where he is. He also tells the man that he refuses to help him. The officer approaches him again and tells him to not fuck with him, but Dick tells him that he’s not, and would rather stay where he is. Officer Jackass responds by taking Dick by the shoulder and tells him that the Detective that is in cahoots with the boss never has anything good coming to them, and walks off. Obviously Dick’s response is to walk away himself and start doing as many pull-ups as possible in the workout section of the yard.

Once he’s done being an unnaturally buff showoff, Dick returns back inside the prison, where he flattens himself against a wall while witnessing a different gang threatening to cut members from his cell if they don’t take out “the cop”. The young man from Dick’s cell takes the shiv, but seems hesitant.

Gar, just being the very best bro.

Back in San Francisco, poor Conner is walking around by himself through a market. While he’s looking at food, Krypto runs up behind him and jumps on his legs, followed by Gar who walks up and tells Conner that his dog is pretty cool for being able to ring a doorbell with his nose. Conner isn’t nearly as pleased to see Gar as he expected, and tells them both to stay away from him before walking off. Gar follows after him and explains that what Conner did to the cops messed things up for a lot of people and that he deserves to know exactly what happened. Conner tells him that even though Gar invited him to be a Titan, he never listened when Conner told him what he really was. Gar explains that he’s killed someone before, too, and that being Titans isn’t about being perfect.

Just as they’re wrapping up their conversation, a large, armored truck pulls up to the park in which they’re walking, and unloads a literal truckload of men in masks and armor. Conner tells Gar to leave and begins walking towards them, but Gar does it best to stop him; explaining that if he doesn’t want to hurt more people then he needs to run.


Still within the city, Rachel is continuing to eat her meal with her new friend that seems to have warmed to her considerably. The girl asks Rachel how she came to be there, and Rachel explains that she had to leave her family because they were toxic. The girl tells her that she can definitely relate. Rachel explains that while everyone expects grown-ups to have all of the answers when they never do. The girl considers this, but asks Rachel if she’s ever heard of a certain type of chameleon before explaining that this lizard from Madagascar lays it eggs, and then all of the adults die before the eggs hatch; and that growing up is just one big test. Rachel doesn’t see this as such a bad problem, and suggests that maybe they should have just been born lizards if it meant they wouldn’t be so messed up by adults.

Just as the two seem to really be bonding over their trouble with parents, a gruff looking man approaches Rachel’s new friend and aggressively insists that it’s time for her to leave. Rachel tells the girl that she doesn’t need to leave if she doesn’t want to, but the girl tells her it’s alright and follows the man.

Outside of the shelter, the girl is berated by the strange man, who tells her that if she disappears again, he’ll kill her. She test him by asking why he bothers waiting, and he squares up to hit her across the face. Just as he’s about to strike her, a black cloud engulfs his arm and he’s turned around to face Rachel — surrounded by her powers, with eyes and gem glowing red. Rachel pins the man to the brick wall beside them and slides him upward, threatening to drop him. She looks to the girl as the man begs for his life, and she drops him to the ground. He stands up and runs away before they can even blink. Rachel turns to apologize to the girl is she scared her, but the girl laughs and walks towards Rachel telling her how wonderful she is instead.

Not all in entirely right, however, as the ooze of Rachel’s powers floats in a massive, haunting glob in the distance — floating away by itself to the top of a church where it transforms into a gargoyle and flies away.

Seems that the gargoyle magic blob really took a liking to that man it was strangling a minute ago though, because it starts following after him and, after some good ol’ fashioned panicked screams, tackles him and destroys him.

Titans — Ep. 210 — “Fallen” — Photo Credit: Brendan Adam-Zwelling / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Ugh Dick, please just stop asking to die. It’s getting old.

In the prison, it’s clearly been called lights out and Dick is found in his bunk reading while his cellmates play a card game. There’s several beats of silence before Dick asks when the escape is planned for. They all look on in shock as Dick explains that he noticed them planning in the yard. The head honcho assumes that Dick has ratted them out, but Dick tells them that if he had they would all be solitary confinement already; but if he was able to tell what they were up to, the guards sure as hell can find out on their own. The leader asks Dick how they can plan on staying alive, and Dick bluntly tells them that if he were them, he’d kill him, before laying down and going to sleep.

Later in evening as Dick gets up to go to the bathroom, however, he’s thrown against the wall by the youngest cellmate who was given the shiv. He tells Dick that he could easily kill him and it would make life easier for everyone, but that that’s not who he is. He explains that they’re not murders, but if they don’t make a plan and break out, the rival gang within the prison will kill them. Breaking out is their only strategy to stay alive, so unless Dick has any suggestions on how to make things better, then he needs to keep his mouth shut.

Titans — Ep. 210 — “FALLEN” — Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Gar has brought Conner and Krypto back to the Tower, and while Gar is trying to make food for all of them, Conner tries to explain that as long as he’s around people will continue to try and come after him. Gar understands, but tells Conner that this is what the Titans do. He goes back to making food, but Conner presses to find out where the other Titans are. Gar clams up a bit and instead of answering, decides that it might be time to do what Dick told him to do and call Bruce Wayne.

Just as he picks up the phone to dial Bruce, a security alert pops up from the Tower that tells them someone is on the roof. Suddenly, dozens of black-clad and armed men come crashing in through the windows, with Mercy on the horn telling them to bring Conner and Krypto in, but leave Gar dead.

The guards try to set off on their mission to take down Conner for containment, but Krypto and Conner are both too fast for all that. Krypto takes a guard down with his super speed and Conner is able to take out two. One guard starts to come after Gar, but — if nothing else — Gar is still very skilled in combat and easily takes him down. The fight continues until finally, in a peak moment, Gar is overcome by his powers and begins transforming into the massive green tiger. From her screen, Mercy is able to see everything, and decides that there will be a change of plans, and to bring the tiger as well. Easier said than done, though, because Gar kills the closest guard to him. Just as he’s about to escape, he’s tranquilized. Conner sees it happen and looks for Krypto, who has also been subdued by a net made of kryptonite.

With Conner out of options and unable to save his friends, Mercy enters the room with more guards. She tells Conner that she’s not there to hurt him, and that she works for Cadmus Labs with Eve. Eve’s name sparks an interest in Conner, but Mercy tells him that while she’s not there right now, Eve is the one who sent her. She asks Conner if he meant to hurt everyone, but he says that he doesn’t think so. She offers to ability to fix him because his actions are nothing but an imbalance on their part, and Conner softens. Mercy concludes the event by telling him that all Conner needs to do is come home.

Rachel gets to be king of the lost boys!

Rachel, now with the companionship of her new friend from the shelter, walks into a dilapidated building. She asks where they are, but the girl announces with a gentle loudness that she’s brought someone who can help them. Out of the woodwork comes tons of young, down-on-their-luck folks, and Rachel smiles at them calmly.

Meanwhile, at the prison, everyone is still in their cell. One of the guys is getting restless though, and gets up to leave; but is told by their leader that being restless is so much better than being dead, and to sit down and take a nap. As they talk, a group of men walk by their door and a solemn air goes over the room. Dick tells them that what they have planned is a suicide mission, but is shot down almost immediately.

Apparently Mercy’s plan to get Conner, Krypto, and Gar back to Cadmus Labs has worked out, because she and Walter come strolling through the building talking about how Subject 13 has been put in status. Mercy says that she will get in touch with Luthor about recalibration for Conner, but focuses primarily on asking how Gar seems to be adjusting. Walter tells her that he’s all bark and no bite (so to speak), but Mercy decides to go see for herself.

Gar is sitting alone in a glass-lined office when Mercy pays him a visit, and he makes it perfectly clear that he is not planning on sticking around. He asks her what she’s done with Conner, but Mercy tells him that she simply did exactly what Conner wanted. Gar gets exasperated with her chatter and lays into her about how his powers have been kept under control with the use of a special collar. He asks if they plan on “fixing” him, too, but Mercy instead offers him some help. Help in the same way that Niles Caulder did. While Gar seems tempted at first, he ultimately tells Mercy that the only thing he wants to be is a Titan.

Titans — Ep. 210 — “FALLEN” — Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Oh whoops.

Elsewhere in the city, it appears that police have found the body of the man who was going to attack Rachel’s friend. He’s mangled and laying next to a dumpster behind police caution tape, and neighbors are talking to officers and offering what little witness they have to what happened. Stumbling upon the scene while tracking Rachel, Donna Troy shows up. At the sight of the crime scene, she tries once again to call Dick, but has to leave another message; this time telling him that she found Rachel’s trail leading to a soup kitchen, and that now someone is dead. She hangs up and carries on, but is obviously shaken by what lies before her.

I’m not really sure how Dick got out of his cell but okay.

Back in the prison yard Dick is doing his usual workout, but is clearly keeping an eye on the table where his cellmates are all playing dominoes again. They can tell he’s watching, and are keeping their guard up. Trouble looms a little closer than they think, though, as the rival gang members desend on their table — one of them slitting their leaders’ throat. The rest of the gang fights them off, but their leader lies dead on the ground. Dick tries to call for a medic, but the guard that we have come to know so well tells Dick that it’s too late.

Later, back in the cell, the men are saying prayers for their fallen friend as a guard enters to tell them they’re on lockdown until transport later in the evening. Dick lies on his bunk, and the rest of the men carry on in silent contemplation. Dick tries one more time to beg the men not to go through with their escape attempt later, but it falls on deaf and highly determined ears.

Night finally comes, and a guard enters the cell again to remove the others in the cell to be brought into custody by immigration. The men sit behind a gate, handcuffed, as they’re told to wait for the vehicle. The guards turn their back to the inmates, who are able to pick their handcuff locks just in time before their ride gets their. But as soon as the guards open the gate to load them into the truck, both turn on the guards and begin their fight for freedom. It doesn’t go as well as they’d hoped however, as the guards overpower them and begin beating them mercilessly with nightsticks.

Oh wait. Who’s good with nightsticks? Oh thats right. Dick fucking Grayson.

Dick jumps into the fight and easily takes over beating the guards into submission thanks to his many years spent as Robin. He steals the keys from the guard as they lie on the ground, and yells for his comrades to run. They make their break for it, but Dick is left at the mercy of a beatdown and a tasing from his new guard friend from earlier.


Donna, clearly looking for anyone that can help find Rachel, returns to Titans Tower where she finds broken glass, shattered windows and furniture, and blood in the shape of tiger paw prints on the floor.

The scene then jumps back to Cadmus Labs where Mercy informs Walter that there will be some changes made to Subject 13. Walter tries to be combative, but Mercy makes it clear that she’s the one in charge now. He asks what they are meant to do with Gar, and Mercy suggests that if he wants to be reunited with him team so badly, then maybe that’s exactly what they should do.


And that’s it for Titans season 2, episode 10! Make sure to come back next week to see if all of the Titans fall into the grasp of Mercy Graves!


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