For everyone who was wondering how WarnerMedia would pull off a massive online event celebrating everything DC Entertainment just days after they laid off 20% of DC’s staff and 600-800 people throughout the company…you were on to something.

DC Fandome has just been split into a two-day event, WarnerMedia just announced, with four of the five programming “domes” postponed until September 12.

This Saturday, the DC Hall of Heroes event, “the epic world designed personally by Jim Lee,” will still take place over an eight-hour span, but will then repeat twice for a 24-hour period. The event will launch at 10 am PDT.

On September 12th, DC Fandome II will offer more than 100 hours of programming including the DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse track, and DC Kids Fandome. These programs will be on demand but only available for 24 hours, so get that scheduler fired up!

“This is an incredible way to deliver for our fans and offer them twice the DC FanDome experience,” said Lee in a statement. “Seeing all the feedback in real time on social media, we realized that the only way to do ‘Justice’ to DC FanDome was to allow it to evolve and expand into two unique events.”

Given the slate of 100 hours of programming, it does sound like a lot to get up and running, so giving everyone a little more time is not a bad idea.

This Saturday will still include a lot of very splashy DC-centric content however, including a new Wonder Woman 1984 trailer, the long awaited Snyder Cut panel, a performance by Chris Daughtry (!) and a “Surprise DC Comics panel!” at 4:45. DC Comics has seen a lot of surprises of late, so let’s hope this is a positive one.

The remaining schedule for Saturday:

Wonder Woman 1984 – Panel  – Saturday, Aug 22 – 1:00 PM
Official DC FanDome Store – Saturday, Aug 22 – 1:00 PM – Sunday, Aug 23 – 1:00 PM
Warner Bros. Games Montreal Announcement – Saturday, Aug 22 – 1:25 PM
The Sandman Universe: Enter the Dreaming – Panel – Saturday, Aug 22 – 1:45 PM
Multiverse 101 – Panel – Saturday, Aug 22 – 2:15 PM
Introducing Flash – Panel- Saturday, Aug 22 – 2:40 PM
Beyond Batman – Saturday, Aug 22 – 2:50 PM
The Suicide Squad – Panel – Saturday, Aug 22 – 2:55 PM
BAWSE Females of Color Within the DC Universe – Panel – Saturday, Aug 22 – 3:40 PM
Legacy of the Bat – Panel – Saturday, Aug 22 – 4:00 PM
Chris Daughtry: Performance – Saturday, Aug 22 – 4:20 PM
The Joker: Put on a Happy Face – Saturday, Aug 22 – 4:30 PM
Jim Lee Portfolio Review – DC Super-Villain Fan Art – Saturday, Aug 22 – 4:35 PM
***Surprise DC Comics Panel – Saturday, Aug 22 – 4:45 PM
I’m Batman: The Voices Behind the Cowl – Panel – Saturday, Aug 22 – 5:10 PM
The Snyder Cut of Justice League – Panel – Saturday, Aug 22 – 5:30 PM
The Flash TV Panel  – Saturday, Aug 22 – 5:54 PM
Black Adam – Panel – Saturday, Aug 22 – 6:10 PM
CNN Heroes: Real-Life Heroes in the Age of Coronavirus – Saturday, Aug 22 – 6:30 PM
Titans TV Panel – Saturday, Aug 22 – 6:50 PM
Aquaman – Panel  – Saturday, Aug 22 – 7:05 PM
“Ask Harley Quinn” – Saturday, Aug 22 – 7:15 PM
Wonder Woman 80th Celebration – Panel – Saturday, Aug 22 – 7:20 PM
Tomorrow’s Super Heroes with Jim Lee brought to you by Gold House – Saturday, Aug 22 – SHAZAM! – Panel – Saturday, Aug 22 – 7:40 PM
Wonder Woman 1984 – The WW84 Cast Play ‘Werewolf 1984’ – Saturday, Aug 22 – 7:50 PM
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – Saturday, Aug 22 – 8:10 PM
The Batman – Panel  Saturday, Aug 22 – 8:30 PM

All times PDT.

To be fair this is still a ton of content and should get lots of social media engagement and maybe even some news.

Will you tune in for TWO days of Fandome? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I wonder if this was caused by looking at the schedules people were making on their website and realizing that everyone was doing the “A” trek and not the lower ones. Its not like comic con where if you cannot get in the room you move on to another panel. Its virtual so everyone gets in, and everyone skips the other paths.

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