In the mid-80s, Tim Truman created a comic called Scout at Eclipse Comics.  Actually it was two comics: Scout and Scout: War Shaman.  It was the tale of Emmanuel Santana, an ex-Ranger and traditionalist Apache on a quest to kill the Four Monsters of Apache tradition, whom he believed had been reincarnated as men.  He got the monsters, but he didn’t survive the end of the second series.

He did leave behind two sons and now Truman with his son, Benjamin, co-writing is returning to Scout.  Scout: Marauder is a 100 page graphic novel kicking off the next stage of the story and picking up the tale of Scout’s sons.  Truman is Kickstarting the first volume and the intent is for there to be more.

Says Truman:

“It’s great to be returning to creator owned projects and self-publishing. What better way to jump back in than through Scout:Marauder? Of all the things I’ve worked on, Scout is probably the one that had the most lasting impact on the field. It certainly had an impact on me! I’m really proud of it. Plus, I draw a lot better now! So everybody wins! Working with Ben– and his sister Emily, who is our copy editor– makes it all the more special. They’re the same age now as I was when I was doing Scout: War Shaman. Hard to believe they were once models for young Victorio and Tahzey!”

Scout was an influential series and it’s good to see it returning after an extended absence.

Here’s the Kickstarter project’s description:


Scout: Marauder is the first volume in a new graphic novel series set in the dystopian future that I created for Scout and Scout: War Shaman, published by Eclipse Comics. This new chapter is a stand-alone story requiring little or no familiarity with the earlier stories for your enjoyment.


The future: The land once known as America has spiraled into decay, devolving into a splintered collection of independent governments. In the Sonora Desert, a new regime has gained dominance: The Corporate Alliance of Southwestern States, led by oligarch Patricia Nevermore. Seeking to create an industrial empire, Nevermore has ordered all able-bodied citizens within Alliance-controlled territory to serve a year of public service in the government’s factories. Using bio-engineered tracking animals and up-armored MAG security robots, roving mercenary units round up holdouts and cart them to the Alliance’s industrial complexes. Thus far, only the hidden, self-sufficient farming community of Lapidahas escaped their notice.

Then a mysterious, lone hijacker begins preying on Alliance supply convoys. The locals call this fleeting, ghost-like being “the Marauder”. Outraged, Nevermore orders her security forces into the desert to hunt him down.

But who is the Marauder?

Fifteen years have passed since Emanuel Santana–AKA Scout–set out with his two young sons on a journey across a shattered country. Branded a terrorist by some and a hero by others, Scout was finally ambushed and killed by government troops. Wounded during the battle, his oldest son, Tahzey, was rescued by one of Scout’s allies, militant missionary Rev. Sand Dog Yuma. However, Scout’s youngest son, Victorio, was never found and was presumed dead.

Now Tahzey is 20–a wandering scholar and grifter, possessing only a backpack full of memories and the black market cybernetic arm and eye that replaced those he’d lost when his father was killed. He avoids the use of guns, blaming them for all the misfortune that he’s seen in the world. Raised by Rev. Yuma and thus denied his father’s traditional Apache teachings, Tahzey tries to find his roots and a purpose in a ravaged world.

Running into trouble with authorities in Mexico, Tahzey flees north… and is unexpectedly reunited with the brother he thought was dead. Victorio has lived alone in the desert since his father’s death– a veritable feral child, living off the desert’s bounty and raiding Alliance convoys. How he managed to do so is a mystery. Yet he has… seemingly guided by Powers that only he can see.15 years of separation has made them strangers. Caught up in the flames of a desert conflict, Tahzey and Victorio Santana must learn how to become brothers again.