It’s pretty much customary by now for comic publishers to reveal new comic book projects the week before SDCC as opposed to during SDCC itself. Case in point, yesterday Marvel announced a new Thunderbolts ongoing series from writing duo Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing joined by artist Geraldo Borges. A promotional teaser by artist Mahmud Asrar was revealed along with the announcement. 

Thunderbolts ongoing series

Here’s how Marvel describes the series:

Bucky Barnes, the Revolution, just inherited a mountain of covert intel and he has one objective: justice… like lightning! He’s going after the establishment, the people no one else is willing or able to take down, and he’ll do whatever it takes to win. Teaming with the mysterious Contessa Valentina Allegra De Fontaine, Bucky assembles a team of black-ops heavy hitters to pursue high-profile targets like the Red Skull, Kingpin, and even Doctor Doom himself. No one is safe from the Thunderbolts!

Under the leadership of Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine and Bucky Barnes, the team lineup for the series features Black Widow, Sharon Carter AKA Destroyer, White Widow, Red Guardian, U.S. Agent, and Shang-Chi. Considering the majority of the lineup is the same as that of the upcoming MCU film set for release later in 2024, the corporate synergy is to be expected.

Kelly and Lanzing teased how Thunderbolts continues some of the plot threads from their previous Captain America run:

“Welcome to Operation: Worldstrike! The Hivemind is wildly excited to continue the saga we began with Carmen Carnero in Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty—while also starting anew with a dangerous and unpredictable cast from across the Marvel Universe. The call has gone out to all those who call the shadows their home; every spy, assassin, and renegade has a part to play in Bucky Barnes’ all-encompassing and uncompromising hit on the singular, monstrous living symbol of fascism: the Red Skull. Alongside our old friend Geraldo Borges, we’re taking this opportunity to tell a very different kind of team book. This is a whole new era for the Thunderbolts and it starts with a four-part espionage epic, an ever-shifting cast and a single overarching goal: to tear down a century of Nazi evil with justice like lightning.”

Look for the new Thunderbolts ongoing series to arrive this December