Evidently, folks at DC are aware that manga is the most popular form of comics around the world. As we reported in the spring, DC has a new partnership with Kodansha, one of Japan’s biggest manga publishers, and will debut three new series in print on September 5: Joker: One Operation Joker, Superman vs. Meshi, and Batman: Justice Buster.

But before that they are debuting on DC’s digital comics service, DC Universe Infinite – and with a new manga-ready digital comics reader. The first chapters of all three series just debuted today, along with an updated reader that allows right-to-left reading orders.

Previous Manga-style DC offerings are also available in the reader, including all three volumes of Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga and Batman and the Justice League, plus the complete Batman: Death Mask.

“We want everyone to have an opportunity to read DC’s new manga titles, so we’ve upgraded DCUI with a new reader so that our valued DCUI subscribers will be able to experience the books in the traditional manga format,” said Anne DePies, SVP and DC general manager in a statement. “The digital chapters will read right to left, the same as the physical collections that will publish later this year, giving everyone the same authentic experience. We’re so grateful to the DCUI team, and to DC’s partnership with Kodansha, for helping us bring these books to the North American market.

It all adds up to a subtle headnod That DC is trying to appeal to a younger, manga-loving audience. Add that in with DC’s partnership with Webtoon, and the continued success of YA style GN’s and it’s a definite pocket universe all its own.

The three manga titles all appeared previously in Japan in 2020 and 2021, and are distinctly different from the US directions, featuring a Superman who slurps noodles, and Joker who holds babies. Here’s the slugs with some preview pages

Joker: One Operation Joker is the Joker like you’ve never seen him before…as a single father?! After a fateful encounter with Batman that results in the Dark Knight de-aging to a baby, Joker takes it upon himself to raise the child into the crusader of justice! But does the Clown Prince of Crime really understand what it means to be Batman—or, more importantly, what it means to raise a baby all by yourself? Joker: One Operation Joker is written by Satoshi Miyagawa (Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu) with art by Keisuke Gotou.



In Batman: Justice Buster, Gotham City has been under the protection of Batman for only a short amount of time, but since the vigilante’s appearance, crime has changed. It’s gotten more bold, more destructive. As Batman tries to rise to meet these new threats, he develops a computer system, ROBIN, to help him analyze and subdue the rising criminal tide and hopefully one day put an end to crime in Gotham. Batman: Justice Buster is written and illustrated by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi (Ultraman).

It’s hungry work being Superman! That’s why every day for lunch in Superman vs. Meshi, Superman makes a quick stop over in Japan to try a new chain restaurant. Whether it’s a hearty bowl of curry or conveyor-belt sushi, the Man of Steel loves to indulge in the delectable delicacies the country has to offer. He’ll even share a meal with the other members of the Justice League from time to time in the hopes of showing them an incredible culinary experience. Superman vs. Meshi is written by Satoshi Miyagawa with art by Kai Kitagou.




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