Do you remember the Santa who rode on the electric shaver? Of course you do.

Norelco’s shavin’ Santa was a holiday staple for many years. For some reason, it also deeply disturbed my mother. The ads would disappear for a year or two, only to reappear in new, updated settings. Each year my mother would cry out, “No! Not again!”

The 90s version even has slick CGI-like animation.

As much as my mother disliked Santa on a shaver, we’ve been highly disturbed by the new Sprint Santa.

Sexy Claus

For the current world, not only is Santa so cool that he has to use a cell phone, but he’s magically been transformed into a young, hip “sexy” Santa, with a waxen, smooth countenance that suggest that he really looks like a Thomas Nast drawing but has been Photoshopped into someone you might spot out at the PInk Elephant and would avoid at all costs.


  1. Nice to know I’m not the only one creeped out by hipster Santa. Brrr. Also, big ups for the TMBG reference. “I Saw My Baby Wearing Santa’s Beard” is always a holiday fave in our house.

  2. I also thought it was a woman. The neck is very slender.
    And the vest accentuates a type of “V” down the chest like a bra.
    But I have to admit… I like his shoes, those are very nice.
    Buckle straps on top of Converse style bottoms. I can dig that.

  3. I have an original cartoon somewhere, drawn by Playboy cartoonist Don Orehek, of Santa, with a big grin on his face, taking a dump down a chimney.

    This is what comes of not leaving the requisite milk & cookies!

  4. Not only do I think Hipster Santa looks like Drag King Santa, I think the person is specifically Glenn Close. As Santa.

    And that saddens me because I LOVE Glenn Close.

  5. If Chris Elliott (from Letterman’s old NBC show and brief SNL alum) mated with Lambchop the puppet, this could possibly be the result!
    Chris Barron is a good call too!

    “Metro Claus” doesn’t look like he’s smiling, but rather leering.

    Brrrrr… and I don’t mean the weather…

    Great post, Heidi!

  6. Oh, I don’t know, I think it’s time for a kinderSanta. I give ’em props for trying.

    And I always did think that Spin Doctors guy was kinda cute… um, in that urban hapy hippie sort of way.

  7. Hooray for Tranna-Clause. That guy gives me the creeps. Too thin, too ambiguously Pat, and a bit self absorbed. Plus, he’s wearing sneakers. He knows not snow.
    I love the early Norelco spots. The visual concept and the copywriting are classic.

  8. I first thought that it was some left over stock footage of Peter Gabriel doning his old man outfit for the ending of ‘the Musical Box’ off the Genesis’ Nursery Cryme album.

    Also- Lady Norelco – classy name for a super villainess. Wonder why no one has thought of it??



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