The first three minute look at Constantine, the upcoming NBC series based on the Hellblazer comics, has been released and there is good and there is bad.

I liked the callouts to actual comics, like the insect covered call of the very first issue, and the angel winged Mannym as played by Harold Perrineau. OBviously there were a lot of Glenn Fabry covers floating around on the set. THe story is set in NYC which I guess I can live with — filming in London would have been too expensive. The actual filming looks like Vancouver, but that’s typical.

I was only half convinced by Matt Ryan as Constantine. He looks the part but his line reading were as stiff as frozen maple syrup. And I know a Scouse accent would be unacceptable on American TV, but Ryan’s native Welsh accent came through most of the time. I guess most people expect him to sound like the Geiko Gecko (Cockney) but I’m sure this will grow on me.

The action looked Vancouver TV level, but faithful to the feel of the book. So rest assured when it debuts on Friday nights this fall I’ll be there to set my DVR!



  1. Such a step up from Keanu Reeves, how can anyone complain?

    Still, that “bollocks” moment, which is pretty much the key to the character, wasn’t all that convincing. Ah well. Warner Brothers.

  2. It’s nice to see not a single cigarette or drink in the trailer. The glorification of smoking in ‘Hellblazer’ killed more people than the Trail of Tears and Serbian genocide combined. I can tell this Constantine will be a giving man – a great protector to his friends and the family of his friends. I enjoy heroes who care too much for those around him!

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