Mera seems to love the camera.
Mera seems to love the camera.

By: Nick Eskey

DC Collectibles had a fine showing today of toys, figurines, and statues for the upcoming year. Each one meets the fine level of detail that is synonymous with the DC brand. With the variety of collectible shown, it was hard to decide what to talk about in length.

For their action figures, DC will be coming out with series 2 of their designer line. We got a glimpse of Zero Year Batman, Commissioner Gordon, Batgirl, and a fierce Two-Face. All were designed by Greg Capullo, and will be out sometime February of 2015. Also for their action figures and in time with Warner Brother’s TV show, Arrow, DC has unveiled figures based on said show. They featured a couple versions of Arrow (a fight ready, and a bare chest one), Deathstroke, Canary, and others. They also teased with a Flash figurine for the upcoming series The Flash. Arrow will return to the CW on Wednesday October the 8th, 8/7 central time, whereas The Flash will premiere Tuesday October the 7th, 8/7 central time.

Those who are fans of any of the Batman cartoons, you’ll be excited to here DC will be rolling out with additions to the Batman the Animated Series line, and launching The New Adventures of Batman series. For Batman the Animated Series, they showed series 2 Poison Ivy, Robin, The Joker, Man-Bat, a uncolored version of Batgirl that will part of series 4, and teased in the background uncolored shots of The Riddler, Penguin, and Batman. Batman, Two-Face, The Joker, Catwoman, and Mister Freeze were shown for The New Adventures of Batman series 1, and also shown were Harley Quinn series 3, and uncolored versions of Killer Croc and Baby Doll. The New Adventures of Batman series 1 will be out this year November, with series 3 sometime March of next year. Batman the Animated Series series 2 will be out this December.

Based off of the upcoming video game from Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Interactive, DC will be releasing highly detailed toys of characters from Batman: Arkham Knight. Shown were Batman, Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, and the new character Arkham Knight. These should be released sometime March of next year.

An interesting addition to this year’s lineup was a few kid inspired toys. We had a couple plush dolls, Deadman and Crow (set to be released October of this year), and a few wooden figures of both Superman and Batman (releasing December of this year). Also coming September of this year will be series 4 of the Scribblenauts mini figures.

One of my favorite collectibles is DC Entertainment’s statues line. In their Bombshells line, we will be seeing a gamut of new faces such as Lois Lane posed as an old-fashion newspaper seller, Hawkgirl complete with chewing gum, a day at the beach ready Mera, and a magical Zatanna. All are set to be released intermittently throughout next year. In addition to the Cover Girl line, vicious Vixen will be added to the roster April 2015. Some other noteworthy statues coming soon will be Shazam, Superman, Wonder Woman, and a new Batman Black & White.

For those who will be attending Comic-Con International, DC Entertainment has a “Con-Exclusive.” At Diamond retailer booths, you can purchase a limited edition Batman: Arkham City Harley Quinn statue. This full color gal stands at 9.25” tall and will retail for $124.95.

Lastly, we’ll talk about some of the things that weren’t allowed to be photographed. Some of the noteworthy ones were a new Cover Girl Harley Quinn, complete with oversized hammer and cork-gun, out by June of 2015. As part of DC Comic’s the new 52 line, we were teased with nicely done renderings of a Roller Derby Harley Quinn complete with pistol, a dressed down Joker wearing a simple buttoned up white shirt, black pants, gloves, his large iconic grin, and brandishing a rather big carving knife, and a John Steward Green Lantern. And there as well was a light up, pulsating Mother Box prop replica. It’s yet unclear what other features it will have when it rolls out aside from lighting up, but it is set to be released sometime July of 2015.

Much is in store for this year and the next for DC Entertainment, and it’s assured that each will make a splash in the collector world. Only unsure thing is how one can afford them all.