Comics events in the Big Apple have been gangbusters for the last few years, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to put on a show. Venues are small and expensive, transit is an issue and everyone wants to know, will I be able to see Norman Reedus?

This weekend Wizard World returns to New York with the lengthily named WIZARD WORLD COMIC CON NYC EXPERIENCE which is taking place at a brand new venue to comics, Basketball City at Pier 36. That is somewhere east of Chinatown so if the con is a wash you can go get some fine Malaysian food or get a rainbow desert drink at Pho Bang.

We’ll be checking it out on Saturday anyway. There are a metric ton of nerdlebiries—Stan Lee, Walking Dead folks, Hwil Hwheaton, Henry Winkler, CM Punk and PAM GRIER. I might just have to spring for an autograph from Jackie Brown. There is also a decent comics guest list—JG Jones, Amy Reeder, Greg Pak, Joe Harris, Mike Zeck, etc etc—and a decent amount of comics themed programming. So even if you just like comics, there will be activities.

There’s also a nerdlebrity cruise with Walking Dead cast members Friday night but you need an extra ticket for that which costs $199. I don’t know if I could handle being on a boat with Norman Reedus. You need extra tickets for autographs and photos — that Pam Grier photo will set me back $45. In fact, it adds up pretty quick to get your picture with nerdlebrities, so save your sheckels.

On a sad note, Virgil is not listed among the attendees.

Despite that I’ll be checking it out and reporting back.


  1. This sounds great (if you can afford it), but I yearn for the old days when you could just go to a con and see celebrities (and usually get autographs too) WITHOUT paying for the privilege.

    I’ve been to a few of these cons where the entry fee basically gets you inside the building and thereby gives you to access to the retailers who are exhibiting, but you have to PAY for access to actual celebs. Some of us now have jobs where we’re making less than we used to and can’t afford to throw that much cash around. I was surprised/disappointed to see that at last year’s NYCC you had to pay for autographs in almost all instances…

  2. Nicholas, you need to spend a small fortune these days at a Comics Convention if you want to do it all up.

    My last con was the first NYCC. That was enough for me! I no longer have the desire or tolerance to deal w/the crushing crowds and overpriced tickets/food vendors/sales floor anymore…

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