The parade of the CAFs continues with MeCAF in Portland, Maine, a one day event to be held this Sunday, May 18th. This year the show has moved to a new venue, The Portland Company Complex at 58 Fore Street. It’s still near the ocean, and has bigger space, free wifi and food vendors. Guests include
Sean Gordon Murphy, James Sturm, Kazu Kibuishi, Jimmy Gownley, Zack Gialongo and Maris Wicks. Programming is here. This is a comics focused event with a big emphasis on all-ages material that everyone likes going to. There is also an emphasis on lobster, Shipyard beer and other nautical fare. The local paper has a nice preview.

Poster by Maris Wicks.

I’d hoped to be at it myself but deadlines and other matters conspired to say that I needed to be at home. It’s just harder and harder to do shows back to back and to those energetic folks who do it, I salute you.

BTW, show runner Rick Lowell of Casablanca Comics has announced another comics event, one that’s more mainstream for October 26th, the Portland Comic Con Presented by Casablanca Comics, so as not to confuse it with events in the other Portland.

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