Current Superman writer Brian Michael Bendis has shared new details about DC’s upcoming Event Leviathan story, including which characters appear in the first issue and the overall scope.
Leviathan has already started to trickle into Action Comics ahead of a proper beginning this May with the Superman Levithan Rising special. Yesterday, Bendis made one of his regular long appearances on John Siuntres Word Balloon Podcast. The conversation was, as usual, wide-ranging, but it did include some tantalizing new info about Leviathan. It’s going to be an event that sort of runs counter to expectations, eschewing the usual world-threatening event for a quieter, more contained thriller motif.
“Most events are big and loud and crashing, you know?” Bendis said on the podcast. “This one is sinister. This one is about the shadows.”
We already know the plot involves someone taking out the major spy agencies and many of the villainous organizations in the DCU. What was also telling on the podcast, perhaps, was the list of detective characters to be featured right from the story’s start (a list that Bendis noted would continue to expand as the plot developed). It was Lois Lane, Batman, The Question, Steve Trevor, Green Arrow, Plastic Man, Manhunter Kate Spencer, and a few Bendis declined to unveil just yet. Lois Lane, he noted, would be in nearly every panel of the story, which is to be drawn by long-time Bendis collaborator Alex Maleev. Lois, whom Bendis called “the most dangerous woman in the DC Universe” is going to be determined to solve the mystery at the story’s core.
Bendis also said there’s a “bubbling STAR Labs conspiracy” happening throughout all his books, one that maybe factors into Leviathan. STAR Labs, readers may recall, seems to have inadvertently sent the entire Earth into the Phantom Zone during the opening arc of Bendis’ run on the Superman title.
Other tidbits of note in the conversation (which, really, you should all listen to if interested because Word Balloon is a great podcast) include the following…

  • Matt Fraction’s forthcoming Jimmy Olsen comic with Steve Lieber will be similar to the former’s classic run on Hawkeye. “”For those who have missed Hawkeye desperately and would like to see Matt hawk-eye Jimmy Olsen…he goddamn did it.”
  • Aging up Jon Kent is the thing in his run “that pissed everybody off.” And he understands those feelings, but assures readers they did it for a reason. “We believe we have amazing stories to tell behind the scenes, like really great ones, including the reunion of Jon and Damian.”
  • Artist Kris Anka (Captain Marvel, Runaways) will make a DC debut in Young Justice, in a forthcoming issue that features Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown, connecting back to James Tynion’s Detective Comics run.
  • When the Young Justice team leaves Gemworld, “they may not make it back to the earth they were trying to get to…” Expect this in Young Justice #6 and #7.


  1. I just don’t have the energy to get excited about Bendis. I fully admit that it’s a flaw of mine. It all sounds so big, but he managed to turn me off of reading Superman and Action Comics after the first few issues. I hope to pick this event up in trade if it gets good buzz though. The idea of Superman, Lois Lane, criminal organizations, and a host of detectives all drawn by Alex Maleev is enticing! Definitely the right artist if you want shadows.

  2. Bendis’s interview with Suintres only confirms my worst fears. He actually double downs on what he’s written so far. I had thought it was maybe very bad editing or something. But it is actually the case that he thinks he has written Lois well! He has no clue how wholly unlikable his Lois is. He then defends Superman and Lois letting Jon go with Jor-el (an established nut bag) as being the equivalent of just another eccentric family member that every one should be able to appreciate. Also, He thinks that older Jon is a good idea because now writers can copy the movie “Big” with Tom Hanks when Jon finally meets Damian again. I could not disagree more. It is painfully obvious that Bendis has no clue what actually intrigues fans about young Jon and Damian. It’s the youth and wonder itself that embody the characters that are most important. And by youth I mean 10-13 years old. NOT 17. I may feel differently if Bendis’ writing was actually good and his dialogue not an embarrassment to the Superman Family (EVERY character sounds the same! No one has a convincing voice). And if I hear Lois call Clark “Baby” one more time I’ll pull my hair out. (And don’t get me started on “Chaz”).
    His interview displayed how genuinely tone deaf he is to the characters histories, voices and how he has no intention of writing single issue done-in-one issues with a point. In fact, he talked openly about how “everything” is really in continuity in his mind. Which, of course, explains his “throwing crap at the wall” approach in Young Justice. Nothing has stuck so far. The only goo news entering the Superman universe is Fraction on Jimmy Olsen.

  3. Replying to Shiva:
    There is no accounting for taste, is there? I’m enjoying Bendis’ run on Superman and Action quite a bit. I think he really gets Superman as no one has for several years. I also like his take on Lois. I don’t see what he’s doing as unlikable at all, but as a capable woman who is not to be trifled with. I’m not as big a fan of the aging of Jon Kent, but am willing to see where it goes. All in all, I’m pretty happy with the books right now and am looking forward to EVENT LEVIATHAN.

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