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Pope Hats made its mark as an ongoing – but exceedingly infrequent –  comic from “Ethan Rilly” that in five issues established itself as one of the finest ongoing narratives in comics, and “Reilly” as one of the most astute voices. And the book won Doug Wright, Ignatz and Joe Shuster awards to prove it.
Last year the story was collected as Young Frances, and “Rilly” revealed that his real name is Hartley Lin. The now complete story of Frances, a conflicted law clerk who struggles with her work life balance and the amorphous decisions we all face as young adults, was a triumph, garnering many, many best ofs.  And we all wondered – was Pope Hats done? What would Lin do for an encore?
Well, we have the answer thanks to a press release from publisher AdHouse. Pope Hats #6 is on its way, now with Lin’s byline…and a new autobiographical slant. Here’s a few pages of preview.
As the preview and blurb show, fatherhood – the lynchpin of many an autobio cartoonist’s output – has left its mark, but Lin has captured his new life with the cover image of a giant baby – a simple, beautiful metaphor many will relate to. Can’t wait to read all of this!
PS: worms are my ultimate phobia as well.

Pope Hats #6
by Hartley Lin.
Published by AdHouse Books
Hartley Lin’s most candid work to date. Having discarded his former pen name, Lin narrates “Shapeshifter,” about a period of rapid change in his life that in-cludes moving to the woods outside Montreal and the intense first months as a new parent. A novel and intimate account of the passage of time.
4C cover
32 1C pages
7 ” x 10 ” saddle stitched
$6.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1-935233-54-1
DM Shipping June 2019
Diamond Order Code: APR19 1299

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