Sparkplug has a complete selection. Ditko didn’t stop drawing when he left Spider-Man, you know!


  1. Are you sure you’re on the same planet?


    Yeah. I am.

    If I don’t (exactly) agree with the guys view(s) – that is not the point for me.

    In my estimation: Ditko delivers an astoundingly brilliant execution, he says exactly what he thinks, he judges others by the content of their character (to whatever degree he takes it)– and he has the class and good graces to let the work speak for itself.

    I can’t ask for more from an artist.

    If I felt everyone had to agree with me then I would spend all day looking in the mirror.

    Steve Ditko politics challenge my mind and his fantastic presentation holds my own work to a standard that — I find even harsher than Ditko’s political views.

    I’m grateful.

  2. I agree with Horatio and thought I’d add/say something here.

    I’ve always found it refreshing, wonderful and amusing to see Mr. Ditko express his ideas, and exercise his prerogative to freedom of speech.

    Not enough of that kind of thing anymore. Nope.

    When I was a young man, people seemed to have so many ideas – ideas flying around everywhere – and a good, heated discussion or argument was a healthy thing. A good thing.
    Now the minute someone says something outside the rigid mainstream of conventional thought they are crucified, vilified and drone-bombed by all the haters and grand inquisitors (we called them bullies) that the world seems filled with these days. And the people who should ring in and make it a debate are afraid to say a word.

    The Spanish Inquisition is over – but perhaps it remains always in the nature of man, (poltroons, nabobs, ninnies and twits in particular).

    Opinions, open debate, rousing conversation, the freedom to argue and engage in the dialectic are not only rights, but responsibilities, my fellow humans.
    At least Steve Ditko – and the Occupy people, the Tea Party people, the Ron Paul People etc – actually believe in something. BELIEVE IN SOMETHING! I, for one, respect them for having an opinion, especially in this age when no one thinks for themselves and only repeats well prepared, “TV dinner like” opinions that they heard on the news networks the night before. Any man who’s brave enough to have an opinion or speak their mind is good enough to drink from my canteen.


    …and Steve draws pretty good too. Really amazing hand gestures. So give him a break fer crying out loud.

  3. Does the book include the porn comics he ghost-drew for Stanton?


    Those were GREAT / LOL — Actually, I’ve never looked at them very closely, for no particular reason – or maybe, after a glance, it was obvious that Ditko wasn’t as inspired with that material as he was with sci-fi from the era.

    If you want to see first rate (hardcore) porn art, check out the great work Jordi Bernet is doing in current Spanish Penthouse Comix (now up to issue 115?).

    I may stand up for Steve Ditko but I’m no (sexual) moralist …I co-founded Penthouse Comix 20 years ago. I think the (whacky) guy I was working with actually with tried to hire Ditko for one of our stories – and I think Steve said he was, “Very busy” :)

  4. especially in this age when no one thinks for themselves and only repeats well prepared, “TV dinner like” opinions that they heard on the news networks the night before.



    Not here in NY– the fished faced financial professionals (who live all around me) never say ANYTHING– it’s like you’d think they got something to hide- LOL

  5. Ditko did not draw the Stanton porn comics, he INKED them. And a lot of comics artists have done porn just to keep a cashflow between jobs on the sadistic violence of superhero comics.
    I had the honor of working with him at Marvel Comics in the 1980s. I was in charge of Special Projects and Marie Severin told me he was hard up for work, so I hired him to draw a TRANSFORMERS coloring book. He was very shabby and very formal. When I apologized that it was only a coloring book, he said, “Work is work.” I’m sure he had the same attitude about inking Stanton’s S&M porn.
    Ditko may seem a bit of a nut, but here is a positive take on him: He has a moral code, he has high standards and personal integrity and he is sober. You cannot say that about many people or artists.