“It’s amazing when it’s not full of dopey Marvel and DC fans.”

— Anonymous Image creator on the mood at the Image Expo. It was by all account a successful weekend if only as a pep rally, with hopes for the future and independence for creators. The crowds weren’t immense, except on Saturday, but they liked what they saw.

Above photo from the Hero Blog, who ironically, had a great time:

This convention is exactly what I'd hoped it would be – the vibe is much more casual than WonderCon and all the creators seem to love being there – which means they are all pretty much happy to sign whatever you'd like them too and answer any burning questions you may have.

The Expo has fewer booths (but with great products/prices) and fewer people than WonderCon, but that's a good thing in my opinion. You don't have to wait nearly as long to get books signed (I had a 5 minute wait for Kirkman once he arrived, a 5 minute wait for Brubaker, 2 minutes for Hickman, and 10 minutes for Norman Reedus).

As Todd reported, whether there will ever be another Image Expo depends on many factors, but this show seems destined to go down as capturing a certain moment.


  1. Did Great Eastern or whomever ever host a Marvel-only convention back in the Bronze Age?

    At the first C2E2 in 2010, DC had a signing schedule for the entire event posted at their booth. Perusing it, I realized that the list would make an awesome convention just by itself!

    Given the D23 Expo, and now ¡CE, how soon before Warners hosts something similar? DC, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Cartoon Network, HBO, Sports Illustrated, magazines…

  2. it must gall that ‘anonymous Image creator’ that most conventions wouldn’t even exist w/o Marvel & DC being in existence.

    Hell, Image wouldn’t even exist if the founders hadn’t made it so big at either of those companies!!!

  3. Those “dopey” fans were still there. Those “dopey” fans pay the rent of the stores that sell Images books. Those “dopey” fans make it possible for smaller publishers to exist. Put your money where your mouth is anonymous Image creator and stop distributing your book through Diamond. Get your book out of the stores that rely on “dopey” fans.