Think back to those Saturday mornings when you were young and a four hour cartoon block meant more to you than four hour’s rest after a long night of heavy drinking.  Think back to your unsoiled childhood memories of Frosted Flakes commercials where Tony the Tiger would give your fellow kids the courage to overcome issues of self esteem and bravery.  Do you still have any issues today?  If you do, luckily Tony is back to help with this series of darkly comedic parody commercials:

The production values on these humorous videos is impressively official, but the videos are not in fact endorsed by Kelloggs.  Some internet sluths at The Huffington Post discovered the the mastermind behind the #TonyisBack campaign is Jani Leinonen, a Finnish artist known for repurposing corporate imagery to “imagine the end of capitalism.”

The Tony is Back campaign website characterizes the tiger’s mission as one that asks corporations to act more responsibly and humanely:

I’ve helped so many kids to solve their every day problems over the years. But the kids have grown up and the world has changed. What used to help is now making things worse. Now I am the one who needs help. Please, help me.

In response, Kelloggs has taken down the campaign’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts.  Who knows how long the videos will last?


  1. Basically, it’s an “adult” version of the Twinkies ads in comic books. Snack food saves the day.

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