The Worst Dudes brings together three misfits – a dirty cop, an intoxicated back-up dancer, and a seemingly-teenage god – as they seek a missing pop star. It will be a ‘mature’ five issue limited series that will be landing in comic shops from June 2 2021.

Dark Horse Comics describes Aubrey SittersonTony Gregori, Lovern Kindzierski, and Taylor Esposito‘s The Worst Dudes as a:

“hilarious, aggressively weird, and willfully vulgar detective story…. loosely described as Lobo meets The Big Lebowski”.

The Worst Dudes

In a statement announcing the series, writer Aubrey Sitterson says, “After the colossal success of No One Left to Fight, I knew we needed to follow it up with something entirely different. That’s why Tony and I cooked up a book so vile, so raunchy, so utterly odious, that it’ll make your other comics turn yellow.”

Artist Tony Gregori had this to add, “I’m beyond thrilled to be working with the legendary Dark Horse Comics on The Worst Dudes, and I can’t believe they’re letting me draw giant [censored] pink [censored], and alien landscapes overflowing with [censored]!”

Aubrey Sitterson’s last Dark Horse series was No One Left to Fight with artist Fico Ossio; a coming of age story of a group of young superheroes who had beaten every foe and crisis, only to be left on the other end with their roles in life no longer of use as adulthood looms. Sitterson also produces a pro-wrestling podcast (Straight Shoot) and wrote a graphic novel history of his passion with Chris Moreno, The Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling (Ten Speed Press, 2018). The graphic novel made it into The Beat’s Best of 2018 list.

Tony Gregori has been making his way up through the self-published and small indie scenes, while also landing slots in anthologies from Image and IDW. He has worked on a number of series – Deuce of Hearts (2017) with Ricardo Mo, Karma Police (2016) with Chris Lewis – from Vault Comics. The Worst Dudes appears to be his first series at Dark Horse.