Announcement for Guitar Wolf in Wild Zero II

Of all the sequels announced in recent years, this might be one of the wildest and most unlikely. Japanese garage rock legends announced a sequel to their cult classic film Wild Zero. Yes, you read that right. The band is looking to fund Wild Zero II via Kickstarter.

The original film is an underground classic that counts Guillermo Del Toro and Edgar Wright as fans. For anyone who has not seen it, the best description of Wild Zero is a Venn diagram where Plan 9 From Outer Space and Rock ’n’ Roll High School meet. Ace, a fan of the band Guitar Wolf, is on his way to a concert when he meets Tobio, the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately, this happens at beginning of a zombie apocalypse. Can his heroes and blood brothers in rock and roll Guitar Wolf save him? Can Guitar Wolf evade the gangster out for revenge? And what about those UFOs? 

Guitar Wold pulling out a katana from his guitar
Guitar Wolf

The trailer for the sequel, Wild Zero II: The Strongest Blood of Humanity looks equally wild. There’s of course zombies, Guitar Wolf killing monks with his guitar katana, and of course, ROCK AND ROLL!!! Check out the trailer below.

The Kickstarter campaign began on March 9th and looks to run for at least two months. Some of the rewards include behind the scenes looks, the script with a manga by Bass Wolf himself, and an opportunity to be a zombie extra! Check out the campaign page here.

Love has no boundaries, nationalities, or genders! ROCK AND ROLL!!!
Guitar Wolf in Wild Zero