The weekend in conventions: New Orleans Comic Con brings Who, spicy food

But it was not just India that had a con, the US con season continued with the New Orleans Comic Con, a Wizard show that, as the above Instagram shows, had tons of people to see Matt Smith talk Doctor Who and so on. More on the Wizard World Instagram account. If the number of tweets from comics pros excited about eating at Commanders Palace is any indication, the early February time frame for this show is a popular one.


In reading the usual enthusiastic reports on the show, I was amused to see a piece by Rebecca Doctor for the LSU college paper which did not get the memo about not mentioning certain things:

Despite the low turnout on day one, Friday at “The Con” still held adventures in the form of panels and the miraculous number of people in costume. One of the highlights for many in attendance was cosplaying, the act of dressing up as a character from a comic book, video game or movie, and on the first day of the event, many were dressed in full garb.

The panels as a whole had few in attendance, but that didn’t detract from the engrossing information provided by those speaking. One of the most fascinating panels was “Getting Respect: Comics Go To College,” a talk focusing on the comic book’s place in academia. It was led by scholars from Henderson State University in Arkansas and Southeastern Louisiana University, all of whom use graphic novels in their courses (both psychology and English).

And Doctor was also disappointed with another element of the show:

The main letdown of the entire event was “Sci-Fi Speed Dating.” From this title, many would imagine a large room complete with a stage and an announcer, but the charade consisted of only two lines of chairs facing one another with un-costumed people having basic conversation.

I don’t know what those college kids are doing these days, but “basic conversation” seems more typical of dating than a large room with a stage and an announcer.

The LSU Reveille had two other reports on NOCC, though proving that college journalism is alive and well and the show was overall a good time.

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