The week in Submit 1/8/14: Blastosaurus etc.

Comixology’s Submit portal has become one of the biggest digital publishing programs on the web and probably in comics; creators upload their comcis, and Comixology digitzes them for the Guided=View and the two split the proceeds. Pretty simple.

Every week or so there’s an announcement of the new comics available via Submit and here, without annotation is this months list, including Richard Fairgray’s Blastosaurus, a humorous dinosaur comic from down under. Some of these comics are forgettable, and some are pretty cool—but at only $.99 each, it’s a pretty slim investment.Previews are available in the links.

Anyway take a look and support your local creators.


A Waste of Time
Written and Drawn by Rick Worley
SRP: $9.99

“The first full-length collection of irreverent and sweet comic strips from Rick Worley. Featuring a foreword by StevieD and EvilJeff from the Comic Book Queers podcast.Foul-mouthed, sex-obsessed and misanthropic, Rick is no ordinary cute cartoon rabbit. The strips in this hysterically funny, surprisingly sweet collection range from fantasy tales about a closeted fundamentalist teddy bear, an oversexed fox, and a doomed robot love affair to autobiographical comics that share maybe a little too much information about the author. In their quest for contentment, the characters fail, fail, and sometimes fail again, but they never stop looking. There’s always the chance they’ll find that one person who was worth the search.Or maybe not.”

Anonymous Nancy #1
Written by Brendan Hykes
Drawn by Roy D Stiffy Jr
SRP: $0.99

The new girl at the Dollar Barn seems a bit stand-offish. Where did she get that scar? And the little boy with her can’t possibly be her son. And why is she always out so late?

Blastosaurus #1
Written by Richard Fairgray & Terry Jones
Drawn by Richard Fairgray
SRP: $1.99

This is the story of a mutant dinosaur making his way in the World. From mutation to his arrival in Freak Out City, Blastosaurus is plagued by obstacles, be they Raptors, Robots, or persistently annoying children.

By The Slice
Written by Giulie Speziani
Drawn by Cecilia Latella
SRP: $0.99

A slice of life story about a girl working at a pizza place. Her boss’ business practices make it really difficult to keep the job. Can her witty humor help her survive the service industry?

Dark Age: The Shaman’s Legacy #1
Written by Jeno Szabo
Drawn by Steve Fabian
SRP: $1.99

The first issue of ‘Dark Age – The Shaman’s Legacy!

Deadhorse #5
Written by Eric Grissom
Drawn by Phil Sloan
SRP: $1.99

Pike takes an unexpected trip while Elise and Edgar find themselves in a dark place.

Escape from the Dead #1
Written by Brad McCray and Sean Skelding
Drawn by Cliff Richards
SRP: $0.99

“Masquerading as a prisoner, Talon Moon returns to Earth with a mission that will determine the survival of the human race. To succeed he must survive an army of flesh-eating zombies and a well-armed enemy that knows his purpose.Outnumbered and outmatched, Talon is “”saved”” by the man he hoped to find. Now a prisoner in a sexually-charged fortress, he learns the world inside is just as crazy as the one outside. He also learns there is more to his mission than he was told. Double-crossed at every turn, forced into unlikely alliances and unsure of his own sanity, Talon Moon must make decisions that will affect the future for all mankind.Alone and running out of time, Talon Moon must free himself, save the world and escape from the dead!”

God is in the Water
Written and Drawn by Tomek Suwalski
SRP: $0.99

Wambua is a young boy living with his mother in Kibera – one of the largest slum in Africa. There are only several private-owned springs of clean water and hundreds of thousands of habitants. One day Wambua’s mother twists an ankle and cannot bring the water home anymore. It’s time for Wambua to grow up and start the struggle with the harsh real world.

Jova’s Harvest #1
Written and Drawn by Steve Uy
SRP: $2.99

“A special double sized first issue! Jova is a Harvester, an agent of Heaven charged with the task of collecting the souls of pure mortals by facilitating their deaths. Once every century, the gates of Hell open and Jova is sent to seal them. His brother, Luci, was given the role of the Devil. But, this century, Jova has another problem to contend with. His sister, an angel of Heaven, has sold her soul to Luci so that she may live in the mortal world with her beloved brothers…”

Justin Time vs. the Time Toads of Krylos 8
Written band Drawn by Derec Donovan
SRP: $0.99

Fleeing from the Evil Time Toads the Intrepid Time Explorer Justin Time joins forces with the Bionic Bombshell in this 10 pg short story.

Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl #4
Written by Craig Rosseau
Drawn by Rich Woodall
SRP: $0.99

A Gworm crashes Kyrra’s Party, and Grandpa has to come to the rescue! Her greatest adventure is about to begin!

Lower East Side Story #2
Written and Drawn by Pete Friedrich
SRP: $0.99

“Lower East Side Story is the story of the intense bonds and strains of unlikely friendships and relationships between several young new yorkers, set in post-bankrupt New York, 1979. The story follows a 25 year arc, as the East Village evolves from a drug dealers battlefield to a developers gold mine. In the 1980′s profound instability was caused by the abandonment of landlords and city government, and the relentless onslaught of drug dealers claiming building after building and block after block. In addition, the community fabric was torn apart by the dual invasion of GRID, ( Gay-related immune deficiency, later known as AIDS ) and crack cociane.Despite these catastrophic circustances, we follow a small ensemble of proud immigrants, native new yorkers, young students and old community activists work to retake and rebuild the war zone.It is against this backdrop that the story unfolds. In addition to the main action and love story, Lower East Side Story reveals the political and economic machinations of the collapse and rehabilitation of a neighborhood and it’s people.”

On the Verge – The Jumper
Written and Drawn by Jason Smith
SRP: $1.99

“When a paranormal incident happens, it’s up to Edge’s top field agent Lucas Wilde to get to the scene to gather facts and information. THE JUMPER tells the story of one of Wilde’s strangest experiences yet, as he heads to a small town in the Sonoran Desert to investigate the sudden appearance of a mysterious stranger. What does this stranger want with the town and just where did he come from? Find out in THE JUMPER, an explosive tale that will test Wilde’s limits and take him to unexpected places.”

Orision #1
Written by Bradley Golden
Drawn by Ugur Sertcelik
SRP: $0.99

Millionaire Steven Gedian sends an expedition up the deadly Shishipanga Mountain, looking for the fountain of youth. The crew unknowingly blows into the mountain to deep blowing open the legendary Orision tomb releasing the Prag demon who has begun killing the entire crew.

Sorcery 101 #1
Written and Drawn by Kel McDonald
SRP: $0.99

While learning magic, even a simple trip to the video store is complicated.

The Book on Comedy
Written and Drawn by James
SRP: $1.99

What is comedy? What makes something funny? How many types of poop can there POSSIBLY be? TBOC answers it all.

The Life and Times of Julius Destructus
Written by Ben Avery
Drawn by Tim Baron
SRP: $1.99

Julius Destructus is the tale of Julius, a depressed lizard boy who is given the opportunity of a lifetime: to become the Destructus, a powerful servant of the Realm of Endless Monsters…but while the revenge this new power gives him is sweet, is the cost too much? As worlds fall in his wake, as the Apocolyptonauts track him down to destroy his evil, the question is not if Julius Destructus can save his life…but can he save his soul?

Written by Ryan Ferrier
Drawn by Chris Eric Peterson
SRP: $0.99

The Atlas II-a space craft designed to keep the supergiant star, Argus, from exploding-suddenly goes offline, diverting a nearby astronaut from a long, solitary mission. Once aboard the Atlas II, astronaut Cale soon discovers the crew violently murdered by an inhuman force. As the burning star swells closer to supernova, Cale finds himself in a race against time to save not only his own sanity, but billions of life forms.

Xeno Trip #2
Written by Quinton Miles
Drawn by Daniele Cosentino
SRP: $0.99

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