I never would have thought it possible, but the Wolverine movies are now my most looked forward to cinematic outing from the X-Men franchise.

Sure, X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a disaster of epic proportions. But The Wolverine was surprisingly enjoyable in James Mangold’s hands, and with the director and, the always great in the role despite his surroundings, Hugh Jackman returning for one more go with the character, my interest remains high.

This morning, Fox released the new poster for the film along with its official title: Logan. Given that this is apparently based in some part off of the Mark Millar-Steven McNiven Old Man Logan comics, the simple title is fitting. Additionally, calling it Wolverine 3 wouldn’t make much sense if you’re trying to pretend that first one never happened.

What else do we know? It’ll feature Mr. Sinister, Patrick Stewart’s Professor Xavier and possibly be R-Rated. So perhaps they’re hoping some of that Deadpool box office luck will rub off on what’s expected to be Jackman’s final bow in the role. The film will hit theaters March 3rd of next year.



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