Shaun of the Dead returns! Sort of. Stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have put together a new clip called The Plan, reprising their roles from the Edgar Wright directed 2004 zombie comedy.

Fans will recognize the clip immediately, as The Plan riffs off of a Shaun of the Dead scene, during which they make The Plan to deal with the zombie apocalypse. Frost, like so many of us, wants to wait things out at the local pub, the Winchester, but Pegg steers him in the right direction.

“If you can, stay at home, have a cup of tea and wait for all this to blow over. And above all, don’t be a twat about things. We’re all in this together. Don’t be selfish. Look after each other. Give someone a call if you think they might be lonely.”

So, there you have it! The Plan is the definitive Shaun of the Dead epilogue. And, although Pegg’s advice may be otherwise pretty solid, just uh, don’t take his lead on the toilet paper situation. Check it out over at the actors brand new YouTube channel, Stolen Picture, or just scroll down below and check it out either with or without subs.