Jimmy Olsen has his own comic right now at DC, and it’s one of the funniest and most irreverent books the publisher has put out in years, packing its pages with an absurd density of visual and dialogue-based gags.

Now, DC Comics has shared some behind the scenes process material from the upcoming Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #10 (due out April 15) by writer Matt Fraction, artist Steve Lieber, colorist Nathan Fairbairn, and letterer Clayton Cowles, giving all of us terrified folks who are weathering the coronavirus isolation at home a brief respite via this glimpse at how the funny happens. That’s right folks, so join me now in putting aside the terror and checking out these four behind the scenes pages below, all of which include scripts and inks for the comic before it hits next month.

The book, for the unitiated, is loosely about someone trying to kill Jimmy!, but it’s about so much more, including Peanuts homages, the history of Metropolis, family heritage, expectations, YouTube content, ape marriages, and cats that projectile vomit to high heavens.

But first, the basics about this book are below…enjoy!

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #10
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Steve Lieber
Colorist: Nathan Fairbairn
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Jimmy continues his world tour, risking his life for more of your sweet retweets,  likes, and faves! Plus, the mastermind behind Jimmy’s assassination is revealed… and the insidious secret he’s willing to kill for will upend everything everywhere forever, assuming by “everything” you mean “everything in the pages of just this comic.” Also…you’ve heard of Arm-Fall-Off-Boy? Get ready to meet the entire Fall-Off-Family. What connection do they have to all this nonsense? Probably not much, but hey, you never know.

April 15, 2020

Jimmy Olsen

Jimmy Olsen

Oh yeah! And one more thing…how great is this panel from the book, which I can tell you is the single best visual representation I’ve ever seen of what it feels like to write up the wide and wonderfully-goof world of superhero comics on the Internet.

Jimmy Olsen

You can learn more about this comic here, and here’s hoping this has been a nice (if a bit brief) distraction from everything going on.