Via PR, news of a collection of the art of agent/publisher/legend Denis Kitchen. Originally planned for publication 20 years ago, the book will now go on sale June 23rd. Neil Gaiman provides the intro, while Charles Brownstein contributes an essay on Kitchen’s career.

First announced for publication from his own Kitchen Sink Press over 20 years ago, but never produced, The Oddly Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen is the first collection of work by the underground cartoonist and acclaimed publishing pioneer. In addition to his comix, this book features a wealth of unpublished material: paintings, covers for underground newspapers and comix, rare strips and illustrations and historic photos of Kitchen and many of his contemporaries.

Acclaimed writer Neil Gaiman provides a funny and insightful introduction and an essay by Charles Brownstein (Eisner/Miller) provides context and a career overview.

The Oddly Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen finally brings Kitchen the artist to the stage. This compendium includes approximately two hundred illustrations, most of which have remained unseen since their original publication in the late ’60s and ’70s, and is guaranteed to serve as an essential piece of history for modern comics fans.

“I think ‘Oddly Compelling’ is a very good title for a book of Denis Kitchen’s work, and describes it very well” said legendary artist, R. Crumb. “I always thought it was rather a shame that Kitchen became a publisher and businessman to the neglect of his artistic talent …he was a gifted and exceptional artist …I think his downfall was women …the big sap!”

Designed by John Lind, winner of a 2009 American Graphic Design Award for his work on Underground Classics, The Oddly Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen will appeal to underground comix fans and comics historians alike.

The Oddly Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen is a full color, 200 page, 9×12 hardcover priced at $34.99.


  1. I declare this awesome.

    Sifting through a bunch of esoteric comics I acquired who-knows-how, I found a copy of SNARF, featuring Kitchen’s Rex Glamour, Process Server. Oddly compelling describes it exactly. Clearly, though, that find is just an appetizer, an amuse bouche for the awesomeness that will be this book…

  2. Delighted to see this! I’m a huge admirer of Kitchen’s work, dating back to the Mom’s Homemade Comics days. This book is long overdue.
    I’d buy similar volumes on Rory Hayes, Melinda Gebbe or Trina.

  3. If Denis Kitchen thought that making his eager yearning fans wait 20 years for this collection of work would make them forlorn, fraught, frantic, and frenzied, he was right. It’s about time he got off his butt and did some work… We tremble in anticipation as we await this masterpiece.

  4. A pity we have to wait until June for this book (mind you we have waited 20 years so far)but one virtue comic collecting does teach is patience. I can already picture myself in June, on the beautiful island of Millport (look it up), Guinness in one hand, Denis’ book in the other. Life can’t get any better.