Crazy Claire certainly appears to be just that, doesn’t she? Let’s discuss it after the jump.

Hard to find more things creepier in the show’s history than whatever Claire was keeping in that crib. And speaking of bad parents, we have the shadow of domineering Christian Shephard and negligent Jack Shephard in the flash sideways.

And it looks like the “explanation” of the numbers last week was just leading to the “real” explanation this week. And just how many weeks of bad luck did Jack cost himself there?

Here’s your running diary for “The Lighthouse”:

0901 – Is Jack married to Julie Bowen in the flash sideways?
0902 – Appendix out when he was 7?
0903 – Jack's a Dad? I bet not a good one.
0904 – Island tic-tac-toe? With monster in place of the dragon?
0905 – More lists from Jacob.
0907 – Annotated Alice? BOOK ALERT
0910 – No calendars in the jungle
0910 – Written by Darlton? Must be an important episode
0912 – I knew he was a samurai.
0913 – I wish there was a moratorium on Star Wars references
0918 - Black Rock dynamite
0919 - okay, now THAT is creepy.
0922 – “Don’t argue with me, counselor.”
0923 – This week, on Maury, Christian Shephard, baby daddy
0925 – Her friend Jacob? Or her friend MIB? Maybe Charlie?
0930 – Hurley, C*** Blocker
0931 – The caves? The skeletons? Holy season one, Batman.
0932 – Bad Dad Jack
0935 – Hurley with the wink toward the fourth wall.
0936 – We have title.
0937 – Uh oh. Claire is going to go psycho on Kate.
0944 – Sideways Dogen.
0945 – Hurley needs an elevator.
0946 – 108 degrees.
0947 – Lighthouse? Or laser weapon?
0948 – More numbers. so that's what they really mean.
0948 – Spooky mirror
0949 – Oh, jack. You did a bad, bad thing. Not to mention all that bad luck.
0955 – Hurley, master of reverse psychology.
0957 – Something wicked this way comes.
0958 – Oh, Jin. Such a bad plan.
0959 – Speaking of something bad


  1. Caught a freeze frame on the dvr and saw names like Linus, Rouseau, Friendly and under 108?

    Wallace, crossed out like the others (no pun intended).


    And yes, Claire is a crazy momma, but not in a Sarah Connor way.

  2. I thought Jack turned out to be a good dad in the flashsideways. Most admirable version of Jack we’ve seen the first episode!!! I hope all that staring at the ocean FINALLY helps him get his act together. This has been the longest fall from grace EVER for a so-called protagonist!

  3. JACOB: Hurley, can you hear me? Jack smashes
    the mirror… Oh no, how can they be saved? Now unLocke and Claire/aka Rousseau, Jr. are heading for the Others’ Temple holiday camp— they’re NOT gonna take it anymore (never did and never will)!

    /now working on overlaying QUADROPHENIA to the Tale of the 815ers…

  4. The original sequence of numbers is:
    4 8 15 16 23 42
    Add them up and get 108.

    The number 108 probably isn’t meaningful on its own, but it is a little sly of Jacob to lure Hurley and Jack to the lighthouse by using a number which, in sum, represents several of the key crash survivors. If Hurley were a bit smarter he would have caught this, given his fixation with the numbers.

  5. Arrgh. Our provider dropped all the Boston signals last night, so no Lost in our house. Have to wait for next week’s rerun.

  6. I’m not a Lost boy, so I can only imagine what’s in the crib:

    * a baby with Billy Mumy’s face
    * a baby dressed as a clown, with clown make-up
    * a petified horse head
    * some sort of deformed Weekly World News baby
    * a chimpanzee in baby clothes
    * a five-year-old child, still in diapers
    * a miniature, to-scale, Rush Limbaugh, in diapers
    * Baby Plas
    * the seventh Cylon
    * Patrick Duffy
    * the daughter of Marie Gilligan Hinkley and Grant Roy Howell
    * the gremlin which caused the plane crash (voiced by William Shatner)
    * a Snotty Suzie™ doll
    * the Wayan Brothers

  7. We saw what was in the crib, and it was CREEPY! At first I thought it was her “version of Aaron” as maybe she didn’t think she’d left him behind (part of her insanity), but obviously that isn’t the case. I really liked Claire, sorta feel sorry for her.

    I think they use the Star Wars references so fans don’t go all “What a rip-off! They’re doing Ben Kenobi now!” so they just up front admit it, and then you can’t rag them. Ha ha!

    And you missed the biggest part of 9:05:

    0905 – more lists from OH SO HOT Jacob, with those sleepy dreamy eyes! MMM!

  8. “0907 – Annotated Alice? BOOK ALERT”

    It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve received a hint that Lewis Carroll’s ALICE could be significant. Remember the Season 3 finale “Through the Looking Glass”?

  9. Diffeences I’ve noticed in the “flash sideways”…

    Rose is in LA now, not NY.
    Katey Sagal says to Locke to invite his father to a shotgun wedding.
    Hurley says he’s lucky.
    Jack redeems himself quickly with his son.

    I’m starting to think more and more, that the “flash sideways” are not what would have happened to them if they never crashed, but what would have happened to them if Jacob never manipulated them into coming to the island. At least, as it’s being implied that Jacob has been watching/guiding them all along. Maybe it’s really the Man In Black who had been “ruining” their lives to damage them before Jacob could gather his “candidates.”

  10. If Locke’s father is apparently not a skeez, then perhaps he never conned Sawyer’s mother? But those events were happening in the undeviated timeline BEFORE they set the hydrogen bomb off. Sawywer refers to it as having already happened when they were on the island in 1977.

  11. Regarding the number 108.

    Recall the original list of numbers: 4 8 15 16 23 42
    Add them up and you get (surprise, surprise) 108.

    It is possible that 108 in and of itself has no particular significance, and that Jacob was just using it as a sly wink when luring Hurley and Jack to the lighthouse. Also, Given Hurley’s fixation with the numbers, he probably should have noticed this connection, if only he were a little bit smarter.

  12. And DAK, this was the 108th episode of LOST. All of the “candidates” appear to align with one of “the” numbers in the cave and/or on the wheel except Kate – who is 51 (mirror of 15 – Sawyer?)

  13. About Locke’s father again — If he has never been a con man in the “sideways” timeline, that means these changes are a result of more than the H-bomb detonation. And then there’s Jack’s appendectomy scar.
    The “pop-up” repeats that air before each week’s new episode are very illuminating this season. Locke’s a-hole boss that fired him is the same jerkwad boss that Hurley had at Mr. Cluck’s, for instance.

  14. Was that an Alice in Wonderland reference when Jack goes to his ex’s house and takes the spare key from under a stone rabbit?

  15. “This has what to do with comic books, exactly?”

    Several comic book writers have written for Lost, and vice versa.

  16. In regards to LOST and comics… one of the regular writers on “LOST” has written the screenplay adaptation to my graphic novel “Devoid of Life” (science-fiction/horror) from Image Comics.

  17. Wouldn’t Ben Linus be dead if he was on the island as a boy when the H-Bomb went off? i think the Flash Sideways must have a different explanation.

  18. Young Ben must have been among the “women and children” evacuated in the finale last year. But since the “sideways timeline” they’re in is obviously more than a deviation from the point of the bomb blast, anything is possible. If there was an intervention in the timeline preceeding the bomb, time could be splintered in all kinds of alternative streams.

  19. Re: Randall Kirby…

    Hence my thinking that the “flash sideways” are all about Jacob not guiding them. Ben’s name was on the lighthouse dial and the cave wall, so he, like the 815 crashers, had been being “watched” like everyone else. Without Jacob’s meddling, everyone associated with the island, would not be there. Now if the bomb had anything to do with jacob not guiding them, I really haven’t been able to puzzle that one out yet, because of the timeline’s involved. But even so, I’m really of the belief the “flash sideways” are not a “What if they never crashed” scenario.

    Also, in regards to Jack’s questions of his appendectomy scar, and the cut on his neck…I’m thinking it’s still Jacob’s meddling from beyond the grave, to get Jack to see his destiny, and somehow it will come about that he’ll get with Desmond (since the “rules” of time don’t apply to him) and again, change the past somehow.

  20. ..As I’ve been under the thinking that both the “flash sideways” and real time will converge at some point.

  21. And who’s to say that the island sank because of the H-Bomb?

    It’s the most likely scenario, but this is LOST, where that’s not always the way it goes.

  22. Who cares if there’s a direct connection between comics and LOST? Can’t we just talk about it because it’s something we’re interested in?

    [That said, at least two episodes have actually shown comic books…. So there! Take that!]

  23. Word is that by mid-season we will learn exactly what the island is, and that it can be summed up with a 4-letter word that does not contain an “a” or an “e.”
    The most popular guess right now seems to be “cork.”

  24. Randy was in both iterations. He was Hurley’s manager at Mr. Cluck’s, was then the manager when Hurley bought the franchise until it was hit by the meteror that killed Tricia Tanaka in the first iteration. Hurley then hired him to manage his box company, and he was a dick to Locke when Locke was trying to playing his strategy war game. He was also Locke’s boss in the second iteration.

    I take the same view of the timelines that I do with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – they are contiguous. Happening one after another. A re-spooling of the film.

    And as to what does this have to with comics, I ask, why do comics only ever have to be about comics. Comics can’t address the larger world? Can’t have some connection and pull towards to the greater consciousness of who we are, of the lives we lead? Does the fact that Maus doesn’t have a person in underpants who can fly mean it is not fit for the discussion here.

    Does the fact that Eisner and Kirby and Steranko pulled and were heavily influenced by cinema, by Wells and Capra and Ford mean that we have to disregard that work, and all that is has inspired? That we should never discuss any work written or drawn by a creator who has read Comics and Sequential Art, or McKee’s Story?

    Should we never bring up Powers because Bendis alludes to SportsNight?

    Should comics only a one way street? Should they only exist unto themselves, in a vacuum, without reference and allusion, or Stan Lee’s pop sensibilities?

    I don’t know, I kind of like being able to talk about comics in connection to D. H. Lawrence, or to talk about the ways Y: The Last Man and Ex Machina have touchpoints as they relate to the episodes Vaughan wrote on Lost.

    What do you think?

  25. I think it is interesting that some people’s lives have changed in the sidebacks and others have not. Is it only the candidate’s lives that are different? And if so, are their lives different because Jacob stop interfering or because the Man in Black was set free when the island sunk?

    Lots of questions to resolve in just 13 more episodes!