In December, artist Norm Breyfogle suffered a stroke which left his drawing hand impaired. He’ll need months of therapy to hopefully regain his mobility to be able to walk, draw and hopefully work again. And the comcis industry being what it is, generous folks have set up an Indiegogo campaign to raise $10,000 to help with Norm’s therapy.

BUT it is not just a feel good campaign (although that would be enough. The Nrm Breyfogle Whisper Campaign also gets you a reprint of Whisper, an early kick ass woman comic from the 80s. Written by Steven Grant, this is a solid book of the era.

Whisper- A 280-page trade paperback containing Whisper #3-11
Written and created by Steven Grant (Punisher, 2Guns) and published by First Comics in 1986. The series has never been reprinted before, this will become a collectors dream and a great chance to see Norm Breyfogle early work. Steven has given us permission to reprint Norm Breyfogle issues of Whisper to raise funds for his recuperation.

$50 gets you the book and many extra in paperback domestically or internationally. ($10 for digital.) $100 gets you a hardcover. PLUS there’s a ton of new material on tap as stretch goals:

• Norm Breyfogle never before printed Munden’s Bar story, written by Valerie D’Orazio (Punisher) and Martha Thomases (Dakota North).
• An all-new story by Alan Grant (Detective Comics) and Cary Polkovitz(Ukiyo). Unlocked at $11,000!
• An all new story by Martha Thomases and Richard Case (Doom Patrol). Unlocked at $12,000!
• An all-new story by Robert Greenberger (Star Trek) and Tom Lyle (Starman).  Unlocked at $13,000!
• An all new story by Mike Friedrich (Star*Reach) and Lee Marrs (Pudge Girl Blimp). Unlocked at $14,000!
• An all-new GrimJack story by John Ostrander (Suicide Squad), Timothy Truman (Conan), John Workman, and Lovern Kindzierski. Unlocked at $15000!
• An all new story by Mike Baron (Nexus) and Neil Handson. Unlocked at $17,500!
• An all new story by Danny Fingeroth (Darkhawk) and Bob Hall (The Avengers). Unlocked at $20,000!

Glenn Hauman, who’se helping run the campaign has given us an EXCLUSIVE sneak peak at the story by Friedrich and Marrs…and it’s a pleasure to see Marrs drawing again…it’s been too long. AND that first panel is 1984 all over again.


A good cause and good comics.


  1. I read many of the First Comics titles back in the day, but this one I somehow missed. I’m looking forward to trying it!

    And those stretch goals are really appealing!

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