HERC2015001-Mock-HQ-fff82Dan Abnett and Luke Ross are bringing Hercules back to the Marvel Universe with a new title named after the titular hero. The series will be available for purchase in local comic book shops in November and will feature the Olympian attempting to atone for some of his previous mistakes. Hercules, a key ’70s Marvel character and Avenger was last seen in the Korvac Saga during Secret Wars also written by Abnett. The news was announced via CBR where Abnett quoted author Bob Layton’s work on the series to be an inspiration for his run:

 The idea came to me because I was aware that I hadn’t ever given Marvel’s Hercules the sort of the consideration it deserved.

Ross showed off his new design for the character in the following image — don’t worry, as Hercules remains shirtless in keeping true to the original costume of the hero. Gone are the traditional sandals in favor of boots and light battle armor.


He’s been a hero for longer than most people and he’s coasted. He’s had a few weeks off. Except in his terms that’s probably the best part of a century. That’s perfectly normal, but he’s become aware of the fact that people don’t look at him with the same awe that they do Captain America, or Iron Man, or Thor. They go, “Oh Hercules! He’s the funny one!”

Abnett strives to take a new approach to Hercules, attempting to get the hero honored with a new reputation. Here’s a look at what the author had to say about Ross’ contributions to the title:

I’m very excited about that. Luke’s work is tremendous. It was Katie Kubert’s suggestion to bring Luke in. He seems to have seized upon it with enormous enthusiasm. The sketches he’s been doing are really fabulous, and Luke’s great ability, apart from just being a great comic book artist, is his aptitude for blending the absolutely larger than life and fantastical elements with a great sense of grounded realism in terms of location, environment, and storytelling.


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