In a newsletter post from editor Matt Bors, its been announced that The Nib, the acclaimed non fiction comics site, will be Kickstarting a print edition later this month. Bors writes:

I founded The Nib five years ago as a comics site publishing more of the work I wanted to see in the world. Now, each day, tens of thousands of you get this newsletter every morning. We pay all our creators and we’ve published thousands of comics—from around the world—on important topics like race, gender, identity, capitalism and how Trump is a shit. But we wanted to go bigger.

So on July 17 we’re Kickstarting The Nib magazine, a quarterly print publication featuring the best non-fiction comics, journalism and satire. It will be very nice. It is going to be the only thing like it.

Where the Nib newsletter and website focuses on the daily onslaught of news, The Nib Magazine will zoom out to tackle larger themes untethered from the news cycle, and subscribers will be directly supporting the entire publication as a result.

Launching a print publication is no small task. We’re telling you first because we need to get our first 1,000 subscribers and $50,000 to cover the first year of printing and shipping.

We’ve been hard at work on this project all year—back in January the entire editorial team convened in Portland to plot out the first year’s worth of ideas. Our first issue: Death. A heavy theme, but wait till you see the array of talent we’ve pulled together on it.


This effort will include swag and a membership program called The Inkwell. The campaign launches on July 17th, with a planned print date in September, but they’re looking for reader input on rewards and more.

This magazine sounds exciting and I’ll be lining up for my copy. although these days it’s tough reading, The Nib has hired some of the best cartoonists out there to create sharp, informed commentary and information to help you cut through the noise in today’s cluttered world. Plus, it’s a scary world out there for editorial cartoonists.

At the same time..a print comics magazine! So Twentieth Century. But who knows, maybe folks still like handsome anthologies they can hold in their hands and flip through as they wait for Netflix to boot up.

It’s an idea so crazy it just might work.


  1. So how do I subscribe and/or sign up to purchase the hard copies? Please let me know ’cause I love your work and I’m chomping at the bit to get my hot little hands on them. Thank you and I wish you continued success.

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